Emerging from the “TOPcast Live” session at OLC Accelerate 2023, join hosts Kelvin and Tom as they discuss how the framing and implementation of our increasingly AI-influenced digital learning field might continue to evolve over the next few years.

About Episode 144: In this episode, UPCEA CEO Dr. Bob Hansen joins hosts Kelvin and Tom to discuss the intertwined histories of professional/continuing education and online education and the importance of attending to the “business” of both. Podcast Recording Download Transcript: PDF Episode 144 Show Notes: Episode Synopsis via Twitter View complete list of episode highlights …

In this episode coinciding with American Independence Day, hosts Kelvin and Tom invite a consideration of distinctly American contributions to the models of online higher education. These contributions continue to shape the evolution of online learning around the globe.

In this “call-in show” episode, hosts Tom and Kelvin are joined by multiple voices from the online education community to distill wisdom in making sense of 2022 and preparing to make the most of 2023 in our collective work. Themes include centering on student needs and supporting increased hybridity.