FMC Multimedia Recording

Capture and Record

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, embracing technology is the gateway to unlocking a new dimension of teaching and learning. Our Multimedia Recording spaces are comprised of two studios — Studio 1, The Lightboard and Studio 2, the Multimedia Suite — that both feature Standup Recordings and Audio Capture.

Our Multimedia Recording services are a perfect resource for you, as a faculty member, to elevate your course and your teaching. With support from the FMC, it’s a fairly easy process.

Let us walk you through how to record on in both studios. We will go over the simple process of preparing and recording to create high-quality content that will help you increase student engagement through crystal clear audio, multimedia additions, and accurate captions.

Studio 1 – Lightboard

Located in Studio 1 at the Faculty Multimedia Center in Classroom Building 202, the Lightboard is an easy-to-use tool that transforms a simple whiteboard into an engaging experience where you can face your students during a pre-recorded lecture and presentation. This tool is perfect for teaching math, science, languages, and any other lessons that may require diagrams or written information.

Perfect for increasing your student’s engagement, the advanced mirror technology allows both the instructor and students to simultaneously read the writings or drawings that the instructor puts on the Lightboard in a legible way. The set-up also allows you to include PowerPoint presentations on screen while presenting.

Recording a Lightboard Session

Upon arrival, a FMC staff member will walk you through the Lightboard Studio to review how the Lightboard and lapel microphones work.

Lightboard Tips and Tricks

Once you arrive, the team will already have auto-captions and your submitted PowerPoint presentation set up for you, so there will be no additional work on your end beyond presenting.

Do you feel nervous about presenting your course on an exciting new tool? Be prepared for your session by following these five quick tips.

1. Practice. Even if you have delivered a lecture a hundred times, delivering to the camera is different and may require tweaks to your typical presentation.

2. Wardrobe Selection. Wearing solid colors will work best. Logos and letters will be reversed in the recording and small of patterns will moiré.

3. Plan Your Presentation. If you plan on writing excessively on Lightboard, identify good places to pause and erase the board during your video. Keep in mind, you can pause and/or stop your recording at any time.

4. Be Yourself. Lightboard is meant to feel more like a one-on-one approach. If you have some pauses or stutter, that is fine. We are all human.

5. Engage Your Audience. Your audience is on the other side of the camera; make sure to look at them when you can. Your students will feel higher levels of engagement when you do.

Using PowerPoint Slides or Images with Lightboard

Do you have several images or a PowerPoint presentation you need to showcase? Check out and utilize our Lightboard PowerPoint Template below to ensure your video looks great. It includes tips for creating a dynamic and engaging Lightboard video as well as using graphics and images. When scheduling an appointment for our Lightboard services, you will be asked to submit an optional PowerPoint presentation in your form, prior to your session in the studio.

Studio 2 – Multimedia Studio

In our Multimedia Studio, we offer screen capture and audio recording services:

Stand Up/Sit Down Recording with Clear Touch Background 

Your standup recordings are captured in front of an 85” ClearTouch screen. This enables interactive demonstrations, colorful backgrounds, and more.​ Examples include:

  • Showing Map locations using Google Earth
  • Lab demonstrations with images or video
  • Full screen power points behind you


We have multiple screen capturing platforms available for use: Clipchamp, and Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) are our primary work horses. ​Screen capture with markup, or telestration, is great for PowerPoints, showing webpages, and demonstrating pretty much anything you can do on a computer. Your final product is typically a recording of your screen with you as a picture-in-picture (PIP) in one corner.​ ​This can be useful for creating a short video to help elaborate on a particularly difficult topic covered in class or provide a short course tour for students to help them navigate your online course.​ Note: All of these platforms are setup to produce auto-generated captions​.


We provide voiceover assistance for any multimedia assets, including presentations and videos.

After You Finish Recording a Session

Save Your Content

After you finish your presentation on Lightboard or your recording in the Multimedia Studio, it is imperative that you save your recorded files to a personal USB, hard drive, or upload it to the One Drive prior to leaving the studio.

Stop by the Post-Production Suite

It is strongly recommended that faculty edit their recorded content from the studio to ensure the highest possible quality, cohesiveness, and professionalism for your course. The FMC offers a Post-Production Suite, where faculty can edit their content with multiple monitors and have immediate access to FMC staff support for troubleshooting and guidance.

Choose your Preferred Editing Platform

If you choose to edit your Lightboard content on your personal device, we recommend either Microsoft’s Clipchamp or Adobe Premiere Pro. Clipchamp is a simple, free video editing platform with a much more simple interface than that of Adobe Premiere Pro. Premiere Pro has a higher learning curve and may appear more in opportunity for advanced editing techniques. 

FMC Training & Resources

If you choose to edit your content, please refer to FMC’s Training & Resources course to learn more about using either of these editing platforms, as well as how to caption within them. In this course, you will also learn more about our services and additional instructions on how to utilize Lightboard.

Book an Appointment

Are you interested in this service? Services at the Faculty Multimedia Center are free and available for UCF faculty. Schedule an appointment with the FMC by visiting our Booking page. In whichever service you choose, we will do our best to guide and provide support. To cancel an appointment, please contact us 24 hours in advance.