UCF Creed-Based Academic Integrity Commitment

The UCF Creed-Based Academic Integrity Commitment is a short, two-question online quiz intended to be used in academic courses for the purpose of eliciting student commitments to pursue academic integrity and abide by the UCF Creed. This quiz is based on previous ideas and content created by UCF’s Student Development & Enrollment Services, Division of Digital Learning, and College of Sciences with appreciation for the contributions of Dr. Bruce Wilson, Jim Paradiso, and Dr. Linda Futch. The quiz is available for reuse or adaptation under the terms of a Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 license.

Accessing the Quiz

You can find the quiz in Canvas Commons. Follow the directions below.

  1. Log into Webcourses@UCF.  
  2. Click on the Commons link in the Global Navigation menu. 
  3. Search for “UCF Creed” 
  4. Click the link on the UCF Creed Based Academic Integrity Commitment quiz card. 
  5. Click the Import/Download button 
  6. A menu will appear with all your courses listed. Select the courses you want to import the quiz into. 
  7. Scroll down and click the blue Import into Course button. 
  8. You should get a message that says the import has started. Note: It may take a few minutes to appear in the course. You can navigate to your course after the confirmation message appears.
  9. Navigate to Quizzes in your course. If you wish to use the quiz as is, you will first need to publish the quiz. However, you may also set due dates and other quiz parameters. (If you wish to make changes to the quiz, you should do so before publishing.)


Please contact Webcourses@UCF Support if you have any trouble accessing Canvas Commons or editing the quiz once the quiz has been downloaded.  

What is the UCF Creed? 

The UCF Creed is the value system our students, faculty, and staff share, making it just as important that they practice honesty, integrity and respect, not only for themselves but for others as well. The creed was also put in place to discourage behavior that threaten the freedom and respect for all members of UCF.  From a statistical standpoint, past creeds and honor codes at various universities have shown on average a ten percent decrease in students cheating on exams. For more information on the UCF Creed, please visit: https://www.sdes.ucf.edu/creed/