Panopto is one of the leading video lecture capture technologies available on the educational technology market. Panopto is typically used at UCF by faculty who have completed the online Teaching with Lecture Capture (TLC) training course and are scheduled to teach V or RS modality courses, however, starting in the Fall 2020 semester, access to Panopto is being expanded to accommodate remote learning needs for those with larger class sizes, and more campus classrooms are being upgraded to allow faculty teaching face-to-face to seamlessly incorporate the tool into their courses.

Faculty interested in using Panopto in the Fall are encouraged to enroll in and complete Essentials of Online Teaching (EOT). Please refer to our Professional Development for Teaching Online page for more information regarding the content covered in EOT and how you can get registered. For those who do not plan on completing EOT but would still like to use Panopto, a separate online training course titled Panopto Essentials is currently in development, and completion of this course will allow you to do just that. More information about Panopto Essentials will be added to this page in the coming weeks, so please check back later.

The resources listed below answer some of the commonly asked questions about Panopto. Use this page as a starting point, and if you have any additional questions or concerns, please refer to the Technical Assistance section below for information on how you can receive continued support.

Technical Assistance

  • For assistance using Panopto in the classroom, or with general questions and requests, please contact the Office of Instructional Resources (Classroom Bldg 1–Room 203) who can provide technical support, practice space, and other help.
  • For assistance out of the classroom, such as issues related to the Panopto Videos integration in Webcourses@UCF, please contact Webcourses@UCF Support.

Guides for Instructors and Students

Guides for Instructors

Guides for Students