Enhance your Course with Webcourses@UCF Integrations

Looking for extra tools to enhance your online course? This is a list of custom integrations available to all UCF faculty. These integrations are already available in your course shell. New tools being piloted are implemented upon request.

New to Webcourses@UCF

Faculty Tools IconFaculty Tools
So many tools, so little space! We cleaned up the course navigation bar and combined many of our useful tools into a single page. You can now access these time-saving integrations from the Faculty Tools button, located on the course navigation menu in Webcourses@UCF. Many of the integrations featured on this page appear in the Faculty Tools page, where you can either launch the tool or learn more about the integration.

Course Navigation Menu

Most of these tools can be launched within Faculty Tools. However, they can also be enabled in your course navigation menu through the Navigation tab of Settings.

Quiz Extensions iconQuiz Extensions
This tool makes it quick to accommodate accessibility requests for longer quiz durations on timed quizzes in Webcourses@UCF. You can only apply extra time to existing quizzes with this tool.
This tool enables faculty to identify accessibility issues in Webcourses@UCF. It will scan a course, generate a report, and provide resources on how to address common accessibility issues. In many cases, it will enable you to easily fix the issue.
Student Performance Dashboard IconSuccess Resources
UCF provides many offices and services to support your students’ academic success. This tool links to selected online resources which are available to all UCF students regardless of their location or the type of course in which they are enrolled.
Able PlayerAccessible Video Embedder
This tool is a cross-browser media player that supports audio and video. It allows easy implementation of captions, descriptions, and other accessibility features you may need for your students!
Code Syntax HighlighterCode Syntax Highlighter
Reading lengthy code from a webpage can be difficult, especially if it all has the same color. Fortunately, this tool allows you to use colors to differentiate between coding components, alleviating a lot of that pain! It allows you to select the language your code is in, and it will decide how to format the syntax based on that!

Profile Navigation Menu

This tool can be launched within Faculty Tools. However, this tool is also accessible through the Profile navigation menu.

Class Photos IconClass Photos 
This tool allows you to view and print a class roster, complete with student head shots, for each of the courses you are teaching.

Assignment Editor

Materia IconMateria
This tool allows direct access between Materia and Webcourses@UCF. Materia is a platform for creating customizable games and study tools for online courses. Examples include Hangman, Word Search, Matching, and Adventure.
Obojobo iconObojobo
This integration allows direct access from the online course to Obojobo. With Obojobo, you can create focused learning objects that can be presented to students in your online course. The learning objects created in Obojobo can be linked to the gradebook in Webcourses@UCF for automatic grading.

Rich Content Editor

Action IconsAction Icons
This tool allows you to insert directional icons into a course that instruct students to “Do This”, “Read This”, and “Watch This”. Action icons are eye-catching images that help call attention to important information and enhance the visual appeal of your course pages.
Polls IconPolls
This tool allows you to create a multiple-choice poll and embed it within online course content.
Templater IconTemplater 
This tool allows you to embed Webcourses@UCF template pages into your course with one click. These template pages are an excellent start for creating course content. Select the template you want and customize the content for use in your online course.
Video Embedded iconVideo Embedder 
This tool allows you to easily embed custom videos produced with the assistance of/hosted by CDL.
Zapt iconZapt 
This tool converts your DOCX, PPTX, or HTML files into Webcourses@UCF Pages.

Award Winning Tools and Integrations

  • UDOIT – Prudential Productivity Awards 2017
  • Quiz Extensions – Prudential Productivity Awards 2017
  • Quiz Extensions – OLC Effective Practice Award 2017
  • ProctorHub – IMS App Challenge Winner 2016
  • UDOIT – Campus Technology Innovator 2016
  • Action Icons  – IMS App Challenge Winner 2016

Institutionally Licensed Third-Party Integrations

These integrations are available in Webcourses@UCF. However, please note: UCF technical support is not available for third-party integrations with the exception of Panopto.

  • Cengage MindLinks  Links Webcourses@UCF sections to publisher content. May require students to purchase online content from Cengage.
  • Piazza – An augmented communications tool provided by Canvas.
  • Panopto Video  This integration is for the Panopto lecture capture system.
  • Twitter –  Integrate a Twitter stream into your online course.
  • i>clicker – Integrate i>clicker services into your course.
  • Redirect Tool – Add a custom navigation tab in the course navigation menu.

Need Assistance with an Integration?

CDL has the assistance you need, whether it’s instructional or technical support. Simply complete the Webcourses@UCF Custom Integrations form and a member from the Instructional Design team or Webcourses@UCF Support team will reach out to you regarding your inquiry.