Success Resources

The Success Resources LTI provides a convenient list of various online resources available to all UCF students, including downloadable writing resources, academic workshops, and tutoring sessions. The Success Resources LTI also provides quick access to other resources that are helpful to UCF students, such as UCF Apps, LyndaCampus, and the Student Performance Dashboard.

What is the Success Resources LTI?

The Success Resources are user friendly and easy to use. Students can access an assortment of online resources from a single jump page without having to leave Webcourses.

For Instructors:

To enable the Success Resources LTI:

  1. In Course Navigation, click the Settings tab.
  2. Click on the Navigation tab at the top.
  3. Locate Success Resources under the bottom section and drag it up to the top section. Then select Save.

Drag Up Success Resources

When should I use Success Resources?

The Success Resources LTI is a recommend feature for writing and research-intensive courses, but is beneficial to all students in any discipline. Our office recommends that instructors enable Success Resources prior to the start of the semester.

Get Writing Help

This section provides students with resources offered by the UCF Writing Center. Students are able to download style guides and handouts, chat with a Writing Specialist, and schedule appointments at the Writing Center.

Tutoring/Study Help

Students seeking tutoring assistance can access the Student Academic Resource Center online 24/7 for help with assignments. The Student Academic Resource Center also offers free academic workshops available to the entire UCF community.

More information about SARC Online can be found on SARC’s website.


UCF Apps provides students with resources, such as Microsoft Office, SPSS, and SAS, which can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere online.

Lynda Campus, LinkedIn Learning provides students, faculty, and staff with professional development workshops, job listings, and available internships.

Student Performance Dashboard provides a screenshot of a student’s progress within the course in a single location. Rather than flipping between the Home Page and Grades tab, students are able to view upcoming assignments and current grade in a course, as well as overall progress in the course.

Student Performance Dashboard

Successful You Video Series

The Successful You Video Series includes short videos for students seeking answers to common questions asked throughout the semester, such as add/drop and tuition payment deadlines for courses, the importance of checking Knightsmail, how to withdraw and enroll in courses, and how to apply for grade forgiveness.