PAL Faculty Spotlight

Interested in how your fellow colleagues have incorporated personalized adaptive learning in teaching? View the featured spotlights for some examples PAL projects.

PAL Spotlights
  • Faculty Spotlight – Martha Hubertz

    Faculty Spotlight – Martha Hubertz

    In Spring 2019, I selected a new text for my Psychology of Women Class, an online HIP- designated Service-Learning class, and my goal was to add an adaptive component that would assist students in learning by increasing their self-monitoring of what they read and comprehend.  This course has a high enrollment and is fully online … Continue reading "Faculty Spotlight – Martha Hubertz"Read More »
  • Faculty Spotlight – Kersten Schroeder

    Faculty Spotlight – Kersten Schroeder

    Kersten Schroeder. Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences at UCF. Dr. Schroeder teaches Microbial Metabolism, Medical Biochemistry, Molecular Biology I, Quantitative Biological Methods, and Methods in Biotechnology. He has developed personal adaptive learning protocols using Acrobatiq in Microbial Metabolism and Quantitative Biological Methods. Recently, he published articles … Continue reading "Faculty Spotlight – Kersten Schroeder"Read More »
  • Faculty Spotlight – Amanda Groff

    Faculty Spotlight – Amanda Groff

    In the Fall of 2018, as part of the Course Redesign Initiative, I collaborated with Jessica Tojo to incorporate adaptive learning into my online ANT 2511 Human Species course (which can have anywhere from 250-600 online students). Over the years, I have noticed a slump in exam averages in this particular class. As such, we … Continue reading "Faculty Spotlight – Amanda Groff"Read More »
  • Faculty Spotlight – Rachid Ait Maalem Lahcen

    Faculty Spotlight – Rachid Ait Maalem Lahcen

    In Spring 2016, I had the opportunity to lead the redesign of college algebra (MAC 1105C), a General Education Program course, and soon after intermediate algebra (MAT 1033C). I implemented a version of Personalized Adaptive Learning (PAL) that depends on the use of an adaptive learning system, Learning Management System, and Personalized Student Instruction (PSI).Read More »
  • Faculty Spotlight – Kacie Tartt

    Faculty Spotlight – Kacie Tartt

    In fall 2018 my colleague, Anne Prucha, and I had the privilege of redesigning our SPN1121C & SPN1121C online Elementary Spanish Language & Civilization courses incorporating Personalized Adaptive Learning as part of the Pegasus iLab Course Redesign Initiative (CRI). The redesigned courses piloted in spring and fall 2019 and continue this semester, spring 2020. Describe the impact … Continue reading "Faculty Spotlight – Kacie Tartt"Read More »
  • Faculty Spotlight – Amy Gregory

    Faculty Spotlight – Amy Gregory

    I teach upper level coursework that builds on foundational terminology, concepts and applications that are consistent among seven different lodging-related courses that form the Lodging Specialization/Certification at UCF RCHM. Despite how good, interested or motivated students are, they often need reminders or re-teaching of previous concepts since time between courses often results in various degrees … Continue reading "Faculty Spotlight – Amy Gregory"Read More »
  • Faculty Spotlight – Anne Prucha

    Faculty Spotlight – Anne Prucha

    In fall 2018 I worked with my colleague Kacie Tartt to redesign SPN1121C & SPN1121C online Elementary Spanish Language & Civilization course sequence incorporating Personalized Adaptive Learning as part of the Pegasus iLab Course Redesign Initiative (CRI). The redesigned courses piloted in spring and fall 2019 and continue in spring 2020.Read More »
  • Faculty Spotlight – Tammy Muhs

    Faculty Spotlight – Tammy Muhs

    Dr. Tammy Muhs is leveraging personalized learning to improve student engagement and success rates in critical early math courses.Read More »

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