Learning Systems & Technology

The Learning Systems and Technology (LS&T) team creates and maintains several educational web applications for UCF like Obojobo, Materia, and UDOIT.

LS&T also contains a team of part-time employees called the Techrangers® that helps develop and maintain online courses, web applications, and websites.

Francisca Yonekura, Ph.D.

Francisca YonekuraDirector of Learning Systems & Technology (LS&T)
(407) 882-0025
As Director of LS&T at CDL, Francisca’s responsibilities encompass the areas of course and application development, instructional systems integrations, and R&D of emerging technologies to support online learning. She brings eighteen years of experience in instructional technology in higher education, military, and hospitality industry. Her research interests are immersive learning environments, game based learning, and emerging technologies for learning and innovation. Francisca holds a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction and an M.A. in instructional systems and technology. She has facilitated the procurement of patents, trademarks, and service marks for instructional web applications. Francisca is an awardee of the Innovator award for the Inaugural Excellence in Research & Innovation Cohort by UCF Office of Research and Commercialization. Francisca and her talented team of software and web developers have received many recognitions including the WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies Outstanding Work award 2013, Davis Productivity Awards (2011, 2006, 2005) for their learning and business operations applications, and the Virtual Campus Tour Award October 2001.

Jawahar Madineni

Photo of Jawahar MadineniData Engineer
(407) 823-4925

Morgan Busch

Morgan BuschApplications Programmer IV

Morgan Busch received his Bachelor’s degree in K-12 Music Education in 2007 and spent seven years as a teacher at a small private school in Winter Park, as well as being a private tutor and music teacher after school hours. After creating a small indie adventure game and being hired to work on a larger one, he decided that music for a living and programming as a hobby might be a bit backward and went back to school. In the process of getting a Master’s degree in Computer Science, he was hired at the BYU Center for Teaching and Learning as an Academic Technology Designer and Developer. This job included everything from meeting with faculty, determining projects’ scope and specifications, developing in a variety of languages and frameworks, hiring and mentoring student developers, and maintaining existing projects and sites. After five years at BYU, he worked for a private engineering company as a Senior Software Engineer specializing in cloud and web technologies. He returned to Florida in May 2023 to work at UCF, and is thrilled to be a part of the LS&T team. He and his wife SaraLyn were married in 2005 and they have one son.

Brandon Stull

Photo of Brandon StullApplications Programmer IV
(407) 823-0025

Matthew Emond

MatthewApplications Programmer IV
(407) 823-4931

Matthew graduated from UCF with a bachelor's degree in Information Technology. His background is in web development in Python with Django.

Corey Peterson

Photo of Corey PetersonApplications Programmer III
(407) 823-4158

Corey was born and raised in Miami, Florida and took to art and visual design at a young age. It led to a passion, and then a profession in conjunction with web development.

He attended UCF's Digital Media program for his bachelor's degree and merged it with Computer Science to become a junior full-stack developer. Along the way, he was given the internship opportunity of a lifetime at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA. At JPL, he worked for the Mars Program Office, assisting with logistical and mission planning software for Mars missions. He learned how to design visualizations for complicated data and working on large-scale software systems.

Upon graduating UCF, his career kept him closer to home: he started working for his alma mater at the Center for Distributed Learning, joining a talented team dedicated to improving online learning at UCF and across Florida.

Carlos Diaz

CarlosApplications Programmer III

Emanuel Cortes Lugo

Headshot of Emanuel Cortes Lugo.Applications Programmer II
(407) 823-1160

As a proud University of Central Florida graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, he has channeled his passion for technology into a flourishing career in Full-Stack Development. With proficiency in Python and Javascript, he has honed his skills to develop robust and efficient solutions. His professional journey is taking an exciting turn as he delves into the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence, eager to explore how these groundbreaking technologies are designed and how they can revolutionize our digital experience.

Daniel Gawne

Daniel GawneApplications Programmer II

Kylee Woodland

KyleeApplications Programmer I

After nearly seven years of working for CDL as a Techranger, Kylee ascended into the Applications Programmer I position in 2022. She has since found her specialty to be in accessibility, course development, and front-end web/graphic design.

Daniel Molares

DannyApplications Programmer I
(407) 823-0670

Daniel moved to Orlando in 2018 to pursue a bachelor's in Computer Science at UCF. Graduating in 2021, he ventured into the world looking for opportunities to build his skillset further. Fortunately, he didn't have to look for very long and found his place in the LS&T team in May 2022! Since then he's been helping the team push code for projects that involve languages such as JavaScript and Python. When he's not at work, he's either playing videogames (and racking up a long list of pending ones) or long-boarding.