Learning Systems & Technology

The Learning Systems and Technology (LS&T) team creates and maintains several educational web applications for UCF like Obojobo, Materia, and Badges@UCF.

Ian Turgeon

IanWeb Applications & Technology Team Lead
(407) 823-4109

Jacob Bates

JacobTechrangers Team Lead
(407) 823-6736

Jacob Bates has been a web developer for the past 13 years.  He began as a part-timer at CDL using Flash and PHP to make educational games and other interactive elements for online courses.  After a stint in the private sector creating virtual training scenarios for the US Military, he returned to UCF to lead the Techrangers Team, a group of part-timers that create web applications, educational systems, and LMS integrations.

Shea Silverman

Systems Integrations Team Lead
(407) 823-2067

Zachary Berry

ZachWeb Developer
(407) 882-0312

Corey Peterson

CoreyWeb Developer
(407) 823-4158

Matthew Emond

MatthewWeb Application Developer Assistant
(407) 823-4931

Matthew graduated from UCF with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. His background is in web development in Python with Django.

Brandon Stull

BrandonOperations & Reporting Web Applications Developer
(407) 823-0025

Philip Carter

Techrangers Lead Developer
(407) 823-3738
Philip served five years in the U.S. Air Force as a Satellite Communications Technician. After the Air Force, he moved back to Orlando to pursue a degree from UCF, where he graduated with a degree in Digital Media – Web Development and began work as an Interface Engineer with a local startup. A year later, he started as a Web Applications Developer for CDL. He’s primarily interested in human computer interaction and spends most of his free time playing with various computer systems.