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When it comes to online education, flexibility and convenience are key. While you take fully online and mixed mode classes from wherever you are, we're here to help you overcome the challenges you may encounter along the way so you can focus on your education. If you're new to online classes, Knights Online prepares you for what to expect during your online degree program at UCF. If you need help getting started, take the Webcourses@UCF Student Tour or explore all of UCF's fully online degree programs from UCF Online.

Additional Resources

Course Modalities and Attributes at UCF

There are several types of courses offered at UCF, referred to as course “instructional modes” or “course modality.” The course description includes a modality field which will identify the type of course. In addition, “course attributes” indicate whether or not students will be expected to participate in regularly scheduled online meetings.

Knights Online: What Do I Need to be a Successful Online Student?

UCF recognizes that completing a college degree in a traditional classroom environment doesn’t work for everyone. If you are looking for flexibility and convenience, taking fully online and blended classes means you can work toward a degree from practically anywhere.

Proctored Exams at UCF

UCF faculty have several remote proctoring solutions from which to choose to ensure academic integrity in electronically-delivered courses. In order to meet course assessment needs during the period of remote instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic, UCF provides the following platforms: ProctorHub Respondus Lockdown Browser Honorlock HonorLock HonorLock Student Guide Visit our HonorLock page to learn …

Resources and Services for Online Students

The following campus resources and services are available to all campus-access students. If you are a UCF Online student, some resources and services may be restricted. Visit the UCF Online website to see what services are available. College of Graduate Studies Graduate Studies guides prospective graduate students through the graduate application and admissions processes for …

Search Online Courses at UCF

Select from the following criteria options below to find online classes. If you don’t receive any results, check your criteria again or reduce the number of criteria selected. You can register for classes and gain access to them by going through the MyUCF portal. Interested in a fully online program? Check out UCF Online for …

UCF & LinkedIn Learning

Explore personalized learning experiences with courses taught by real-world professionals on Learn how to use tools like Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, WordPress, or become more familiar with Windows and macOS. Leverage to learn business, IT, or creative skills to succeed academically and prepare for your future career.