Effective Teaching with Video (ETV)

Effective Teaching with Video (ETV) is a self-paced professional development course designed to prepare faculty to design and deliver a successful, quality video (“V”) course that is grounded in online learning best practices and research. The program is a UCF prerequisite for delivery of V courses, regardless of the attribute (V-Live or V-Flex) and the use of Panopto video platform. Visit Types of Courses at UCF for the complete definition of UCF course modalities.

Course Objectives

ETV addresses the pedagogical, logistical, and technological issues involved in designing and delivering a quality course in a video modality. The course provides strategies for effective online course design, best practices for using video as a teaching tool, and covers the basics of using UCF’s video technologies to create, integrate, and host videos in Webcourses@UCF.  The time commitment for ETV is estimated to be ten clock hours. The course is self-paced, online, and may be started at any time.

Enrolling Into ETV

If you are interested in participating in ETV, please ask your department chair to send a request to Dr. Beth Nettles at Beth.Nettles@ucf.edu

Additional Resources and Training

If you need to develop an original W or M course, please consider IDL6543.  If you want to deliver an existing W or M course, please consider ADL5000. For training on how to use Webcourses@UCF, consider enrolling into the Essentials of Webcourses@UCF course or contact Webcourses@UCF Support.

To request a Webcourses@UCF development course, please complete the request form found on the Request a Webcourses@UCF Course Section page.