Photography at the FMC

Need a professional portrait for your department’s webpage? Have you recently won an award? The Faculty Multimedia Center provides professional, high quality photos to faculty and staff at UCF. We have several backgrounds to fit your need, or we can head outside for a natural background. We will edit the photos of your choosing to ensure you look your best.

Photo Appointments

Photo appointments will be available in a limited capacity from September 2021 through March 2022 while the FMC is undergoing its redesign.

Scheduling Your Appointment

Photo sessions are by appointment only. To schedule portraits for individuals and/or your whole department, email CDL Graphics.

woman holding up a camera to take a photo

CDL Graphics

Tips for Taking a Great Photo

group photo of work team

What to Wear

Wear something that flatters you. Solid colors are best, but it’s best to refrain from wearing all white because it can reflect a lot of light and wash you out. Also, try to refrain from stripes, checkered, or crazy patterns.

Posture Is Important

Don’t slouch. Keeping your back straight and shoulders back helps to make a great photo. You also want to push your forehead slightly forward and chin slightly down. This helps to accentuate the jawline for a more flattery photo.

Check the Mirror

When you come to the FMC to get your photo taken, take a few minutes to make sure you look your best- fix your hair, check your makeup, change into another shirt. You want to look relaxed and confident.