About Webcourses@UCF

Webcourses@UCF is the learning management system used at UCF for all online courses. Use this general guide of the most frequently asked questions to get started browsing our support materials.

Getting Started with Webcourses@UCF

For Everyone

What do I need?

Computer Settings

How do I get there?

Login to Webcourses@UCF

Access Webcourses@UCF through UCFMobile

How do I navigate Webcourses@UCF?

Navigation and the new User Interface

How do I hide old courses?

Hide Inactive Courses

How do I set up my Notifications?

Customize Notification Settings

For Students

What is Webcourses@UCF?

Student Tour

What if I want to complete my degree online-only?

UCF Online

For Instructors

What is Webcourses@UCF?

Instructor Tour

How do I create a course?

Request a Course

Course does not appear in the Course List

Combine Multiple Course Sections

Request Access for a Guest

How do I add and edit content?

Add a Syllabus

Copy Content

Draft State

File Size Limits

Student View

Publish a Course

How do I notify students?

Start-of-Term Message Draft