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We get it. Technology can have its challenges. We're here to help. The Webcourses@UCF Support team provides support to our students, faculty, and staff for any technical assistance, concerns, or questions related to online learning at UCF. Whether it's Webcourses@UCF, Panopto, Materia, Obojobo, or Personalized Adaptive Learning, we provide the assistance you need.

Connect with Us!

You can contact Webcourses@UCF Support by phone (407-823-0407), email (webcourses@ucf.edu), live chat, or through our Online Support Form.

Phone, Email, and Live Chat

  • Monday-Thursday, 8 am-6:30 pm
  • Friday, 8 am-5 pm

Email and Live Chat After Hours

  • Monday - Friday, 8 pm-11 pm
  • Saturday, 10 am-1 pm
  • Sunday, 10 am-1 pm

Our Mission

Created in June of 2006 to provide technical support to online course instructors, Webcourses@UCF Support has since expanded to include online student support services and course development support for certified instructors. This combined unit provides technical support for all UCF faculty, staff, and students who use online components supported by the Center for Distributed Learning.

How We Do It

Webcourses@UCF Support can access courses to resolve technical issues with approval from the instructor. Unless the instructor submits a work request, we do not access courses to change content. Normally, we do not need to add ourselves to the course, but due to limitations in the support role that we use, it is sometimes unavoidable. Webcourses@UCF Support employees are unable to add themselves to a course in which they are enrolled as a student. It is our standard policy that our technical support staff unenroll themselves after a request is completed.


Materia is designed to supplement traditional web courses with a form of interactive media that we call widgets.


Obojobo is a learning object system designed, crafted, and maintained by the University of Central Florida.


Panopto is a video lecture capture technology used in some UCF courses.


Respondus is a software application used to create and manage quizzes, self-tests, and surveys that can be published directly into Webcourses@UCF.

Special Programs at UCF

Webcourses@UCF is also used to support non-academic programs and other training requirements for the UCF community.

Student Perception of Instruction (SPI)

The Student Perception of Instruction (SPI) is an online course evaluation that allows students to provide anonymous feedback regarding instructors and courses on a semesterly basis through the myUCF portal.

UCF Apps

All UCF faculty and students now have access to many of the software applications required for coursework, at no additional out-of-pocket cost!

Using Turnitin with Webcourses@UCF

Turnitin is transitioning from the External Tool option to a new, easier tool. Turnitin can now be enabled on assignments using the Plagiarism Review option in the assignment settings. By using this tool, instructors no longer have to use the Turnitin box or use a workaround for rubrics. The tool allows instructors to enable Turnitin …

Web Browser Requirements

Before accessing Webcourses@UCF, please verify that your computers and/or devices are up to date with a current Internet browser and suggested software.

Webcourses@UCF Announcements and Updates

The Center for Distributed Learning will often publish important announcements within Webcourses@UCF for teaching faculty and students. These announcements are often centered around improving the teaching and learning experience with Webcourses@UCF as well as the functionality of tools within the system. An archive of these announcements can be found below for you convenience. You can …

Webcourses@UCF Guides

Do you want to know how to do something specific in Webcourses@UCF? The resources on this page answer some of the most commonly asked questions at Webcourses@UCF Support.

Webcourses@UCF Personalized Learning (Realizeit)

Webcourses@UCF Personalized Learning, or adaptive learning, allows students to progress generally at his or her own pace through a own learning path that is created and adapted for each student throughout the course progression.

Webcourses@UCF Support Request Form

For technical assistance with online courses or questions regarding website content.

Webcourses@UCF System Status

We understand how important it is to access Webcourses@UCF, but when downtime or degraded performance occurs, we’ve got you covered. Rest assured that when this happens, there is a team of dedicated individuals here at the Center for Distributed Learning working to get Webcourses@UCF operational. In the event that Webcourses@UCF is down or experiences degraded …