Our Core Values

Innovation, Education, Transformation

Our Vision

Transforming lives by making a high-quality UCF education available to anyone, anywhere, anytime through the innovative use of technology.

Our Mission

The Center for Distributed Learning (CDL) serves as the central agent for online learning at UCF, providing leadership in distance learning policies, strategies, and practices. CDL supports and expands student access to education through the advanced application of instructional technology, data analysis, policy, and strategic planning for distributed learning programs and courses. We collaborate with internal and external partners to investigate, design, deliver, assess, and support online learning through faculty development, course production, and research, which are all aligned with institutional goals.

Our Authority

The Center for Distributed Learning has governance authority over UCF's online instructional technologies and standards, including but not limited to:

For questions about any of these areas, contact CDL at cdl@ucf.edu or (407) 823-4910.

What We Do

As the central agent for online learning at UCF, CDL has developed a process model that describes what we do and how each part of the process relates to our mission.

Center for Distributed Learning at UCF: Assessment; Policy, Planning, Standards, Credentialing, Reporting; Faculty Development; Course Design; Course Production; Technical Support

Policy, Planning, Standards, Credentialing, Reporting

CDL is responsible for establishing and supporting relevant policies and guidelines for distributed learning across the university. We report data to colleges, departments, and senior administration to ensure compliance with accreditation requirements and to collaborate on the strategic development of online courses and programs.

Faculty Development

CDL provides a suite of professional development programs to help prepare faculty to teach online.

Course Design

The instructional design team works closely with faculty as consultants to help design and structure online courses and programs.

Course Production

CDL's course production model is designed to support all faculty, regardless of their technical skills or comfort with media production. We will work with faculty to help them produce their own material or will create original media on their behalf. CDL's production services include course programming, graphics, interactive exercises, games/simulations, animations, and video with on-location and full studio capabilities.

Technical Support

Once a course has been designed and developed, CDL offers support throughout its delivery. Specialized technical support is provided to faculty and students to ensure a successful course experience.


The Research Initiative for Teaching Effectiveness (RITE) supports UCF faculty in formulating and implementing research on effective teaching practices in higher education. This research is used to inform CDL's policy formation, faculty development, course design/development, and technical support functions.