Professional Development Services

Dr. Chuck Dziuban conducting a presentation to an IDL6543 Cohort.
Dr. Chuck Dziuban conducting a presentation to an IDL6543 Cohort.

Do you desire to increase your teaching effectiveness in blended and online courses? Do you want to be a participant in professional development programs that offer the latest in pedagogical and technological applications? Would you like to connect with colleagues across the disciplines at UCF to see how others are impacting teaching styles and student learning?

The Center for Distributed Learning provides varied faculty professional development opportunities to meet needs at every level.

What Faculty Development Programs Are Provided?

We offer programs from basic to advanced topics to assist faculty in creating and delivering quality courses. Whether seeking how to use the learning management system tools through Essentials of Webcourses@UCF, delivering existing blended or fully online courses through ADL5000, creating newly designed blended and fully online courses through IDL6543, we have what you need! If your interest is in continuing your professional development in online teaching, check out the Faculty Seminars in Online Teaching.

Essentials of Webcourses@UCF

Essentials of Webcourses@UCF offers just-in-time online training for those needing to learn the tools and functionality of the learning management system at UCF. It is comprised of video tutorials on how to use Webcourses@UCF and open to all UCF Faculty and staff.

Webcourses@UCF Open Labs

Connect one on one with our Webcourses@UCF Support staff during any of the Webcourses@UCF Open labs during the semester. Open labs provide an opportunity to work on your online courses and ask questions of support staff if needed.


ADL5000 prepares you for teaching an existing blended or online course. Through a discipline-specific mentoring element, this course helps you succeed in course delivery when inheriting a current course offering. This course is self-paced and fully online. If interested, please contact your department chair to begin the enrollment process.


IDL6543 is our award-winning, flagship program for the development and design of blended and online courses. For over 10 years, UCF has been recognized for its implementation of quality faculty development for blended and online courses. This blended course is built upon three foundational principles: Pedagogy, Technology, and Relationships with Instructional Designers. Successful completion of IDL6543 is required in order for UCF faculty to design and facilitate an online or blended course at UCF.  If you have extensive experience teaching online at another institution, talk with your department chair about CDL’s Online Faculty Readiness Assessment (OFRA). This assessment can be completed in place of IDL6543.


IDL7000 is available to faculty who have graduated IDL6543 five or more years ago.  Additionally, OFRA-certified instructors who wish to refresh, expand, or enhance their online teaching experiences can request enrollment into IDL7000.


PAL6000 is designed to provide information related to pedagogical, logistical and technical aspects of teaching adaptive courses. Successful completion of PAL6000 is required in order for UCF faculty to design and facilitate an adaptive course using Realizeit at UCF.

Faculty Seminars in Online Teaching

The Faculty Seminars in Online Teaching are stand-alone seminars offered periodically regarding best practices in online teaching. Originally offered as a continuance to IDL6543, it is open to all members of the UCF community through live or streaming participation. Each session is also recorded for later viewing.

Teaching with Lecture Capture

Teaching with Lecture Capture is a set of self paced tutorials for faculty who wish to teach in a video streaming modality and who wish to present course content appropriate for video lecture capture. The program is a UCF prerequisite for delivery of an exclusively video streamed course (V), or a video streamed course with classroom attendance options (RV).

Who to Contact?

If you have additional questions about the professional development programs offered through CDL at UCF, please contact Dr. Charlene Hu at