Announcements allow instructors to communicate with students about course activities. Use this guide to create announcements.

View Announcements

Announcements are used to communicate with students about the logistics of your course. As soon as you have submitted an Announcement, Webcourses@UCF notifies students according to their preferred Notification Preferences through Facebook, Twitter, SMS, or email. Instructors may also allow students to respond to Announcements with comments and questions.

Instructors also have the option of feeding posts from blogs or other information sources directly into the course Announcements page using RSS. RSS feeds can be filtered by keyword to prevent non-relevant content from entering the course. Students who use RSS readers can subscribe to course Announcements outside of Webcourses@UCF.

When would Instructors use Announcements?


  • Remind your students what they need to accomplish to stay on track.
  • Point students to internal and external resources that will help them achieve course Outcomes.
  • Leave a message for the entire class with video or audio comments.
  • Celebrate student success and important events that may be of interest to your students.
  • Feed a custom RSS feed related to the topic of the course to your students. Hot topics can be quickly converted into relevant Discussions.
  • Automatically share blog posts written by your students on WordPress, Blogger, etc. with custom RSS feeds.