Webcourses@UCF Announcements and Updates

The Center for Distributed Learning frequently releases significant updates and announcement within Webcourses@UCF for both faculty and students.

Announcements are focused on enhancing the teaching and learning experience, as well as optimizing the tools available within the system.

Additionally, we offer a roadmap that outlines both past and upcoming features and updates planned for the future. This roadmap enables both faculty and students to anticipate changes and prepare for them accordingly.

Retention of Alerts

Announcements and updates for Webcourses@UCF are only available for the current semester.

Webcourses@UCF Announcements

Stay up-to-date with the latest announcements posted within Webcourses@UCF. To make it easier for you to access these announcements, we have compiled an archive of them below. Additionally, you can always stay informed about the current status of Webcourses@UCF by visiting UCF’s Status Dashboard page.

Check back often to stay informed and get the most out of your time on Webcourses@UCF.

What’s Changed and What’s Coming in Webcourses@UCF

The posts below are significant updates that have been made to Webcourses@UCF over the past 12 months, and provides a glimpse into upcoming improvements planned for the next quarter.

Please note that upcoming changes are subject to modification as we perform testing. If there is a tool or feature that you would like to test once it becomes available, please reach out to us at webcourses@ucf.edu.

On the Roadmap

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