ADL5000 is a self-paced, online faculty development course facilitated by the University of Central Florida’s (UCF) Center for Distributed Learning (CDL) that is required for faculty who will teach an existing online or blended course. ADL5000 provides foundational knowledge and recommended practices for faculty to effectively teach an existing online course and identify support and resources available to faculty and students at UCF. ADL5000 runs year-round and faculty may be nominated to enroll in this course at any time.

Time Commitment

The time commitment for ADL5000 is approximately 5 to 10 clock hours.

Course Structure

The ADL5000 course consists of several self-paced online modules that include reading materials, activities, and quizzes. 

Completion Benefits

Faculty who successfully complete ADL5000 earn an Asynchronous Teaching (AT) credential which allows them to teach existing online and blended courses at UCF. This credential will allow minimal changes to be made to an existing course that was designed and developed by a faculty member with the Asynchronous Design and Teaching (ADT) credential (e.g., completed IDL6543, OFRA).

What changes are faculty with the AT credential permitted to make to their inherited course?

Faculty with the AT credential may make the following minimal changes to their inherited course:

  • Instructor Name
  • Instructor Contact Information (phone, email, office hours, preferred communication, expected response time, etc.)
  • Updated syllabus policies to comply with new UCF requirements as needed
  • Instructor Introduction
  • Course schedule dates
  • Assignment due dates
  • Broken links
  • Course announcements
  • Address any outstanding accessibility issues (e.g., fix a color contrast issue)
  • Add or edit time-sensitive content relative to the course (e.g., post a link to a recent article, embed an updated video or image, make a minor update to an activity based on current events)

What if major changes are needed?

If major updates are needed (e.g., redesigning the course for a different modality, new textbook, changes in duration of the course), the course updates should be completed by a UCF faculty member who has the Asynchronous Design and Teaching (ADT) credential.

Nomination, Enrollment, and Completion Process

  • Step 1: The college or department completes the ADL5000 nomination form in ServiceNow.
    • It will be helpful for the college or department to identify the following prior to completing the ADL5000 nomination form:
      • Recruit a faculty member from the department who has earned the ADT credential, is familiar with a course design process, and is available and willing to serve as a mentor for the ADL5000 participant both during the course and during the first semester the course will be delivered. 
      • Identify the course number, section, and term for the course that will be copied for and taught by the ADL5000 participant.
      • Obtain permission to copy the course via email from the course owner.
      • Confirm that the course to be copied is the course that will be taught and fulfills the following minimum requirements:
        •  Syllabus and schedule are appropriate for the course modality to be taught.
        •  A getting started module and resources to aid the studen
        • The course is appropriately designed for the modality to be taught.
        • Modules/units include objectives, overviews, contents, activities, and assessments.
  • Step 2: Once the ADL5000 coordinator verifies the information provided in the enrollment form, the nominated faculty will receive a welcome email and important instructions to access and complete ADL5000.
  • Step 3: The nominated faculty completes ADL5000. 
  • Step 4: The ADL5000 coordinator updates the faculty development record.
  • Step 5: The nominated faculty obtains permission to create the online section in the Faculty Webcourse Manager (FWM).

ADL5000 Mentor Responsibilities

Each participant in ADL5000 is assigned an ADL5000 mentor, a faculty member who will complete the following:

  • Coach the participant throughout ADL5000 and during the first delivery of the online course at UCF.
  • Help the participant to do the following:
    • Interpret the pedagogical decisions of the course creator
    • Identify support strategies and course management strategies
    • Identify and apply university/college/department policies


When can faculty be nominated and enrolled in ADL5000?

Faculty should be nominated for ADL5000 at least one month prior to teaching. 

Faculty may be enrolled in the course at any time as long as they are current employees.

What is the timeline for faculty to complete ADL5000?

Faculty should complete ADL5000 before the start of the term they will be teaching the online course or by the closing date, whichever occurs first.

What is the purpose of creating a development course section for the inherited course?

Faculty will need to reference this course for the last two assignments in ADL5000 and for making their minor permitted changes that they will be able to import to their online section they will teach.

What are the course prerequisites for ADL5000?

There are no course prerequisites for ADL5000.

After completing ADL5000, how long does it take to get access to the Faculty Webcourse Manager (FWM)?

It takes 24-48 business hours for the ADL5000 completion to show in the FWM prior requesting your course.

What if ADL5000 cannot be completed prior to course start?

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