ADL5000 is a non-credit, online course for faculty who want to teach an existing online course. The purpose of ADL5000 is to help familiarize you with the design elements of the course you are inheriting and succeed in the delivery of your course! ADL5000 addresses many (but certainly not all) of the important pedagogical, logistical, and technological issues involved in delivering effective online courses. The time commitment for ADL5000 is approximately 35 clock hours.  Faculty with teaching and learning management system experience have completed this course in one to two days. The course is self-paced and you may begin at any time. If you are interested in participating in ADL5000, please contact your department chair.

If your need is to develop an original W or M course, please visit the page for IDL6543. To receive training in using Webcourses@UCF, please contact Webcourses@UCF Support.


Please complete the following Qualtrics forms below.

Step 1: Department Form

The college or department should complete the ADL5000 Department Course Review and Consent form as the first step to enroll a faculty member in ADL5000. This form provides most of the information needed to start processing a new participant for ADL5000. The longest step in processing a new participant is creating a copy of the course they will be teaching and completing the course setup.

Step 2: Mentor Forms

As part of ADL5000, each participant has a mentor from their department.  The job of the mentor is to coach the participant through ADL5000 and the first delivery of their course.  The mentor needs to complete the following Qualtric form:

  • ADL5000 Mentor Acceptance Form – Completing this form indicates the individual agrees to mentor the ADL5000 participant and provide mentor contact information.

Step 3: Participant Form

Have the participant complete the ADL5000 Participant Acceptance form.

Once all the forms are processed, the participant will be entered into the ADL5000 course and will receive a Welcome email with instructions for accessing the ADL5000 course.

If you have any questions, please contact Linda Futch, Ed.D.

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