PAL Learning Guides & Support

Webcourses@UCF Personalized Learning engages  each student differently. Based on your interactions with the course, the system finds out how much you already know, decides what you need to learn, constructs your appropriate learning pathway, and starts the learning cycle. 

The system continues to learn more about you as you proceed on your learning pathway, which is constantly being re-evaluated based on your continued participation. This allows the learning system to select the most appropriate content (text, video, charts, lecture, etc.) that helps you learn best and then constructs a specific lesson based on your learning preferences. 

Realizeit Guides & Support 

Several guides are available to help learn about the Personalized Learning platform.

Acrobatiq Guides & Support

ALEKS Learning Guides and Support

Connect/SmartBook Learning Guides and Support

Instructor Guides

For additional Realizeit faculty support, please contact your instructional designer.  

Knewton Guides & Support

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