Your Personalized Learning Path

Your personalized learning path is your custom pathway through the course content. After Webcourses@UCF Personalized Learning determines what you know and any knowledge gaps, you will see a color-coded map of the module.

Realizeit learning path

There are some key features included in the learning map view.

  1. What to do next: The next step or lesson that is recommended by the system will be circled in blue. The next recommended lesson is also under What to do next on the overview page.
  2. Menu: The menu contains links to additional Assessments (if used by your instructor) as well as Bookmarks, Highlights, and Annotations you have created in the lessons. You can also view any Queried Questions you may have flagged for the instructor.
  3. List view toggle: The list view toggle allows you to toggle the view between the learning map view and a list view. The list view lists the lesson names instead of displaying them in a connected map.
  4. Learning Map key: Use the color-coded map key to interpret your progress  and level of knowledge along your path.

Saving Your Progress

Webcourses@UCF Personalized Learning automatically saves your progress. You can leave a module and choose to continue the content at a later time.

An image showing the Exit button with discard and save options

If you decide to exit a lesson, Webcourses@UCF Personalized Learning will give you two options:

  • Save for next time: This will save your progress in the lesson and allow you to pick up where you left off at a later time.
  • Discard progress: This will discard any progress since you last entered the lesson and return you to the overview page. This option does not delete prior saved progress.

Leaving the lesson to try at a later time will not negatively affect your grade, as long as you still complete it prior to any due date your instructor may have set. If you discard progress on a lesson that you previously completed, the prior progress (and score) will remain but any new progress will not be saved or affect your score.