Clear Queried Questions in RealizeIt

Why should I clear queried questions?

Queried Questions mean students have asked about specific practice or quiz questions and expect a prompt response from the instructor. Queried questions post when students click the red flag in a question item. Clearing Queried Questions means the students have been sent a response from the instructor. Then the question is resolved and removed. If there are no Queried Questions, the To Do tab will not appear.

Why is this important to do?

If these Queried Questions are skipped or ignored, the students will not get a response. If Queried Questions are not cleared or responded to in a prompt manner, students may choose to not engage in the course this way. Think of Queried Questions like Grade Comments, Discussions and Inbox messages in Canvas. Students expect a prompt response from the instructor when they click the flag in a question item.

What should I be looking for?

If Queried Questions exist, the instructor will see notification under the To Do tab when first logging into Realizeit. The To Do area will prompt you with items that need the instructor’s attention. Some things that may appear in this area include messages from students or question queries, where students have queried a question they were marked incorrectly on. The To Do tab may not always be available, as it will only appear when there are items which need attention. Queried Questions, when posted, can also be accessed through the Toolbox menu.

Note: For large-enrollment classes (300 or more students), the To Do tab will not be available. Instructors can go to the Toolbox and view the Queried Questions.

If there are items in the To Do tab for an assignment or module, then this tab will be selected by default upon entering the Instructor View from Canvas instead of the Learning Map. The names of the students and the dates the flags were selected are listed.

How are Queried Questions skipped?

On the right, there is a list of how many Queried Questions have been posted. If you wish to skip past these items and view the Learning Map or other analytics and data, there is a “Skip” button which allows you to skip the items and return to them at a later time. However, it is recommended that any items in the To Do area be addressed quickly. Remember the To Do tab will disappear once all the Queried Questions have been responded to.

How are Queried Questions cleared?

When the To Do tab appears, it means there is at least one Queried Question to clear from one or more students. To clear a Queried Question, there are two options. One is to have the instructor check the box, “Mark as correct.”  A second option is for the instructor to type in a written response if the answer is not correct.

Example of Option 1:

If the answer is correct, check the box. A message, “You were right; the answer has been corrected,” will appear when the box is checked. This message can be modified if needed.

Example of Option 2:

If the answer is not correct, the message written by the instructor can confirm the appropriate answer.

When is a Queried Question fully cleared?

Once a response has been given, click the “Send feedback” button on the bottom right. The Queried Question will be considered resolved, and it should no longer appear in the list in the To Do tab. Notification will be given when all Queried Questions have been cleared in the To Do queue.

What if the To Do tab is not showing?

Once all Queried Questions are resolved or cleared, the To Do tab will not be visible in the dashboard until a student clicks the red flag in another question item to request further assistance.

If you have Queried Questions to clear, they will also show up in your Toolbox.