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The Faculty Multimedia Center (FMC) is a do-it-yourself media production facility located in Classroom Building 1 – Room 202 for the use of UCF faculty, staff, and graduate teaching assistants. The FMC provides various technologies and services to help you create media content for your class or office. The goal of our facility is to make your experience easy and fun, while also providing an opportunity to practice with technology you may find in the classroom, or explore new ones that can enhance your recordings and media content creations.


We want to keep you informed on anything happening in relation to the Faculty Multimedia Center. Periodically, we will post announcements about changes to technology, workshops, general reminders and information.

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Similar to a classroom experience of writing on a whiteboard, you can create a video recording to present and explain material in a unique way. This different way of presenting, will allow you to create a more engaging experience for your students.


Screen Capture & Audio Recording

Record a video while capturing your computer screen to create a lecture for your class or a presentation for your office. Our Wacom tablet also allows you to annotate your PowerPoint presentation or Word document. We also have a podcast station for recording audio for podcasts or voiceovers.

Zoom and Panopto Logos

Video Platform Support

Want to learn more about Panopto or Zoom? We provide the support and training you need to successfully use the Panopto or Zoom recording system for your classes.

Faculty Headshots

Need a new headshot or group photo for your department website? We provide professional headshots for faculty, and graduate teaching assistants.

woman holding up a camera to take a photo

Media Digitization

Use our equipment to convert any VHS, Hi8, cassettes, or 35mm slides into a digital format. We also have a high-speed and large format scanner for converting paper documents.

FMC Workshop Series

The Faculty Multimedia Center hosts a variety of different workshops throughout the year. These workshops range from Do-It-Yourself workshops where we show you how to utilize inexpensive or free media technology, to the Faculty Technology Showcase where we share tools supported by and/or developed at the university. Check back here frequently as we add more workshops to try and better serve faculty and staff!

Faculty Multimedia Center Training Room with tables

Workshop Space Reservations

Did you know that faculty and staff can reserve our workshop space for many meetings or workshops?