UCF Faculty Multimedia Center

At the FMC, we are a do-it-yourself media production facility. Our goal is to support UCF’s faculty in producing innovative, professional, and engaging content that is best suited for their curriculum and instruction. From 3D Printing to multimedia recordings, our expert staff is here to help. 


FMC Virtual Tour

Produced in house by Markel Jones. Double Click to enter full screen mode.


Equipment Checkout and Project Consulting 

The FMC maintains an inventory of high-quality recording equipment. From cameras, 360 equipment, phones, microphones, and more, we have you covered.

We advise that you schedule an Equipment or Project Consultation, either in-person or virtual, to discuss your production needs with an FMC staff member to ensure that you are using the best and most efficient gear for your content production. 

Studio 2
Studio 2
Studio 1
Studio 1

Multimedia Recording

The FMC has two full recording studios and provides a wide array of recording possibilities. Studio 1 houses a Lightboard, while Studio 2 includes a wide variety of audio/video recording options for your lectures, podcasts, and more.

Use various tools like a ClearTouch background, screen-recorders, PowerPoints, or annotate documents and presentations with a Wacom tablet.

Both studios are fully accessible and allow the user to either stand or sit depending on their instructional or physical needs.

The Maker Space

Curious about 3D Printing or 3D scanning?
The FMC can help you take your ideas and turn them into reality. We can 3D print existing models or scan your objects for use in virtual environments or to create 3D printed copies. The FMC can help you bridge the gap between the physical and digital world.

Professional Headshots for Faculty and Grad Assistants

Are you a faculty member or graduate assistant seeking a professional headshot? The FMC’s in-house photographers will work with you to present your best image to the UCF community and beyond. 

A woman gets her photo taken.

A soundproof room with a camera, two monitors and a black and yellow chair.

Post-Production Support

Faculty are welcome to use our post-production suite. The space includes a power PC and multiple 4k monitors providing a comfortable experience. From video editing and 360 virtual tours to graphics and more – bring your own content or record it here.

Collaborative Spaces

Discover a versatile and inspiring venue for brainstorming ideas and assisting in creating high-quality content. Our dedicated workshop and meeting space is ready to accommodate your needs. With an active learning setup, this space is designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and productivity. Reserve the space today and experience the perfect environment to fuel innovation and drive success.

Extended Reality (XR)

Whether you want to introduce your students to the technology or experience it yourself, the FMC is ready. We have several VR headsets in house and ready to go. Come see us to explore the possibilities.

Media Digitization for Faculty

Use our in-house equipment to digitize any VHS, DVD, CD, 35mm slides or negative into a digital format. We also have a high-speed flatbed scanner for converting printed documents and images.

Many other formats are available through our university partners. Simply book a consultation appointment to discuss options.

FMC Resources

FMC Training & Resources Guide

The FMC’s staff has created an online course that provides on-demand training. From editing basics, to captioning support, to camera guides, this course at Webcourses@UCF is ever growing and changing. In this course, you will also learn more about our services. Check back frequently on our training and resources guide to see what’s new!

FMC Workshops

The Faculty Multimedia Center hosts a variety of workshops throughout the year. These workshops include Do-It-Yourself workshops, where we show you how to use inexpensive or free media technology, to the Faculty Technology Showcase where we share tools supported by and/or developed at the university and much more.