IDL6543 is an award-winning, non-credit course for faculty provided by UCF’s Center for Distributed Learning (CDL). The purpose of this faculty development course is to help you succeed as you develop and deliver your fully online (W) or blended (which includes mixed mode [M], limited attendance [RS]) courses. IDL6543 is intentionally designed to model effective instructional design by focusing on the pedagogy, logistics, and broader technology skills, involved in teaching online at UCF.

General Course Structure

IDL6543 is a 10-week professional development course, during which time participants will attend live seminars and consultations, complete web-based activities and develop online or blended course materials. IDL6543 provides first-hand learner experiences excerpted from multiple modalities, but IDL6543 is offered as a blended course, requiring both online and in-person participation.

Please note that while IDL6543 participants focus on one course in a particular modality, IDL6543 involves experiences with a variety of modalities for which participants are credentialed to design and teach upon completion of IDL6543.

IDL6543 Time Commitment

The time commitment for IDL6543 is not inconsequential. It is a 10-week professional development course and will require a minimum of 80 clock hours. IDL6543 participants should be prepared to dedicate at least 8 hours per week to successfully participate in and complete weekly course content and activities. 

IDL6543 Final Review and Virtual Showcase

During IDL6543, you will begin to develop actual course material for an online or blended course. At the end of each cohort, participants will submit the created online/blended course materials for review. The design of the created course artifacts will be reviewed by an Instructional Designer against a set of course instructional design guidelines that align with the UCF Core Quality Design Standards. IDL6543 participants will also be required to share their newly developed online or blended course artifacts during a virtual showcase. At a minimum, participants will develop: 

  • A course orientation module  
  • Two (2) modules/units of instructional content  

IDL6543 Completion Benefits

After successful completion of this course, faculty participants will receive the following completion benefits: 

  • A permanent credential to design, develop and teach digital learning courses (W, M, or RS) at UCF. 
  • Access to input from instructional designers. After successfully completing this course, faculty will be permanently paired with an Instructional Designer to provide pedagogical support while employed by UCF and while teaching online modality courses. 
  • Access to and support from award winning graphics and media producers. 
  • Technical support for any current or future Webcourse related issue via Webcourses@UCF Support.  

Some IDL6543 participants are eligible for a stipend or course release. Your college will determine whether you will receive funding or course release time to participate in IDL6543.

Interested in Teaching Online?

Start by reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions below. Next, discuss your interest with the chair of your program. If you and your department chair are in agreement, they will place you on the IDL6543 potential participant request list for your college. Each college communicates its online priorities to the Center for Distributed Learning. CDL’s administrators will start the initial communication when you are scheduled to participate in IDL6543. From there, CDL’s instructional designers will take over and guide you through the process of developing online courses.

If you would like to participate in IDL6543 in an upcoming semester, please start the conversation with your department chair.

IDL6543 Schedule

Fall 2022





Friday, September 2Week 0: Getting Started: IDL6543 Orientation
Friday, September 9Connect Session 1 – IDL6543 KickoffIn-person
DLC 136 A & B
9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. | Session times are approximate
Monday, September 12Week 1: Navigating Digital Learning at UCFWebcourses@UCF
Monday, September 19Week 2: Exploring Learner-Centered Course DesignWebcourses@UCF
Friday, September 23Connect Session 2 – Online/Blended Course DesignIn-person
DLC 136 A & B
9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. | Session times are approximate
Monday, September 26Week 3: Mapping Your Online/Blended CourseWebcourses@UCF
Monday, October 3Week 4: Selecting and Creating Instructional MaterialsWebcourses@UCF
Friday, October 7Connect Session #3 – CDL ServicesVirtual via Zoom9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. | Session times are approximate
Monday, October 10Week 5: Using Technology to Support LearningWebcourses@UCF
Monday, October 17Week 6: Exploring Additional Topics in Digital Learning
Friday, October 21Connect Session #4 – Course FacilitationVirtual via Zoom9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. | Session times are approximate
Monday, October 24Week 7: Building Your Course & Peer ReviewWebcourses@UCF
Monday, October 31Week 8: Facilitating Your Online/Blended CourseWebcourses@UCF
Monday, November 7Week 9: Evaluating Your Online/Blended Course & Continued LearningWebcourses@UCF
Monday, November 14Week 10: Showcasing Your Online/Blended Course & Next StepsWebcourses@UCF
Friday, November 18Week 10: Showcasing Your Online/Blended Course & Next StepsWebcourses@UCF

Frequently Asked Questions