IDL6543 is an award-winning, non-credit course for faculty provided by UCF’s Center for Distributed Learning (CDL). IDL6543 models how to teach online using a combination of seminars, labs, consultations, and web-based instruction and is delivered in an M (mixed) mode. The time commitment for this course is not inconsequential, in that it will require a minimum of 80 clock hours. The purpose of this faculty development course is to help you succeed as you develop and deliver your fully online (W) or mixed mode (M) courses. Webcourses@UCF Training and Essentials of Webcourses@UCF are venues for comprehensive training using the Webcourses@UCF learning management system (LMS). By contrast, IDL6543 addresses broader technology skills, pedagogy, and logistics involved in teaching online at UCF.

About the IDL6543 Showcase

Participants will be required to present their newly developed online course at the end of each cohort. View the video below to preview how showcase presentations are managed. The video also contains a presentation from a past IDL6543 graduate.

Interested in Teaching Online?

Start by talking with colleagues already teaching online to gather their perspectives and suggestions. Next, discuss your interest with the chair of your program. If you and your department chair are in agreement, they will place you on the IDL6543 potential participant list for your college. Each college communicates its online priorities to the Center for Distributed Learning. CDL’s administrators will start the initial communication when you are scheduled to participate in IDL6543. From there, CDL’s instructional designers will take over and guide you through the process of developing online courses. Your college will determine whether or not you will receive funding or course release time to participate in IDL6543. Remember, you are required to successfully complete IDL6543 to design and deliver in the online environment using the M or W mode of delivery.

If you would like to participate in IDL6543 in an upcoming semester, please start the conversation with your department chair.

IDL6543 Schedule





Friday, May 21Getting StartedOnline
Friday, May 28Week 1 – Navigating the Online Environment ZoomSeminar: 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Friday, June 4Week 2 – Content in the Online Environment Online
Friday, June 11Week 3 – Effective Online Assessments Online
Friday, June 18Week 4 – Designing Interactive Course Activities Online
Friday, June 25Week 5 – Enhancing Your Content with CDL Services ZoomSeminar: 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Friday, July 2Week 6 – Enhancing Your Course Online
Friday, July 9Week 7 – Managing Your Online Course Online
Friday, July 16Week 8 – Support, Scholarship and Peer Review ZoomSeminar: 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Friday, July 23Week 9 – Production Week Online
Friday, July 30Week 10 – ShowcaseOnline