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We are here to help ensure your success teaching online. We recognize the importance of providing our faculty with essential training and resources. Teach Online contains the latest information on course design, professional development, and educational resources for UCF faculty who teach online or supplement face-to-face courses with online instruction. Let us keep you current on the latest advancements in teaching online, some of which are happening right here at UCF.

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Create Your Course

For many faculty teaching online, course creation is iterative: write and organize, teach, and re-write and re-organize based on formative and summative assessments. In many ways, this process may not vary from your face-to-face teaching experiences. Begin with the End in Mind A good axiom to follow when creating an online course is to begin with …

Effective Online Teaching Strategies

Stay current with effective online teaching strategies for designing, implementing, and facilitating your course. Explore the pages below to learn more about designing and delivering you next online course.

Enhance Your Online Course

Enhancing your course with learning objects and activities will help to communicate course content beyond static readings and lectures. Content presented in a memorable and meaningful way will stimulate the learner making the course more dynamic and successful. Discover the most suitable tools and enhancements for your course objectives.

Online Course Accessibility Resources

Learn more about UCF’s commitment to providing accessible course materials to all students.

Open Educational Resources and Practices

The Center for Distributed Learning has a dedicated team of instructional designers who specialize in supporting faculty interested in Open Education.   This team empowers faculty to  Learn more through a short course adapted by our team, just for you. Introduction to Open Education Open Educational Resources (OER) Tools for Open Content Creation Use the following tools to kickstart your content authoring experience. (Note: Click on the image/s below …

Personalized Adaptive Learning

Personalized adaptive learning is a software platform approach that provides each student with an individualized learning experience by allowing them to progress along their unique learning path through the course content based on their knowledge, skills, and learning needs. Adaptive learning systems customize the presentation of the content or present new concepts to the student based on their individual activities and responses.  …

Professional Development for Teaching Online

At every level of Professional Development, from beginners to advanced, the Center for Distributed Learning offers a variety of services for faculty. Learn the Essentials of Webcourses@UCF at your own pace, or join the award winning IDL6543 for credentialing to teach a fully online or mixed mode course. Want more out of Teaching Online? Keep current with Faculty Seminars geared to making your Webcourses@UCF course a Chuck Dzuiban Award winner.

Recognizing Exemplary Teaching

The Chuck D. Dziuban Award & the Barbara Truman Award recognize UCF faculty members who have recently taught an exemplary online (W), video (V), mixed-mode (M), or limited attendance (RS) course.

Teaching Online Resources

Here you will find many of the best practices compiled by the Center for Distributed Learning to help you link into new ideas about teaching online. The resources represent a compilation of those activities and techniques to help instructors plan their online and mixed mode courses. Need to see if your idea will work?  Check …