IDL7000, a blended mode faculty development course offered by the Center for Distributed Learning (CDL), has been available since Fall 2015. The course was designed to update faculty on CDL services that were perhaps not offered when faculty originally attended IDL643. At this time, however, all professional development courses provided by CDL are in the process of a massive redesign to help improve their effectiveness for our faculty. As a result of the redesign, IDL7000 will not be returning as an actual course, however, all the things that made IDL7000 great will be restructured and made available through new professional development opportunities called Advanced Pathways. More details about Advanced Pathways will be made available soon, but some of the anticipated topics include:

  • Adaptive Learning 
  • Active Learning 
  • Diversity/Inclusion 
  • Quality 
  • Research 
  • Updated CDL Services  

Stay tuned! We will update this page as more information is available.