Multimedia Services

CDL Video Services

We believe that creating professionally-produced video is a sign of a faculty’s understanding of what students expect from a quality online course. At Video@CDL, we thrive on designing video solutions for any teaching challenge. Our partnership with you begins at the conceptual stage, where we help establish your project’s message and learning objectives. We also …

Graphic Services

CDL Graphics focuses on creating course content graphics and visuals to support online faculty in their teaching and learning. In total, CDL Graphics team members have more than thirty years of multifaceted experience with each member possessing bachelor or master degrees in the visual arts.

Proactive Captioning for Online Courses

7/15/2023 through 05/17/2023 The Center for Distributed Learning provides resources in order to create online accessible videos. Each year 10,000 minutes of closed captioning will be provided from July 15 until June 15 of the current fiscal year for online courses. We understand the importance of making educational content accessible to all students, regardless of their hearing …