Create Your Course

For many faculty teaching online, course creation is iterative: write and organize, teach, and re-write and re-organize based on formative and summative assessments. In many ways, this process may not vary from your face-to-face teaching experiences.

Begin with the End in Mind

A good axiom to follow when creating an online course is to begin with the end in mind. Your course goals and learning objectives should guide your decisions as you develop instructional events to help students successfully achieve the desired course outcomes. In general, developing an effective online course requires identifying and creating both activities and core content.

After developing your course with activities and core content, you are ready to deliver or implement it.


Although you can begin development by creating either the activities or content first, many faculty find developing the activities first helps them to more effectively construct the core content (e.g., the conditions, knowledge, and information that students will need to complete the activity successfully). Best practices in online teaching and learning promote activities which are learner-centered, practical, and relevant.

Webcourses@UCF offers a wide selection of technology tools to develop a variety of activities. Remember to select the most effective tool to meet the learning objectives. Essentials of Webcourses@UCF is a self-paced online course that introduces some of the options available in Webcourses@UCF.

Core Content

If you approached development of your online course by identifying the activities first, then ask yourself, “What knowledge and skills do students need to successfully complete the activity?” The information you identify when addressing this question comprises the core content.

Core content can include written lectures, presentations, printed materials, secondary sources, as well as audio and video resources.

Online Course Pre-Flight Checklist

Is your online course ready for take-off? Use the checklist below to find out. Items in the checklist come from the Quality Online Course Review.

End of Semester Guide

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Request a Webcourses@UCF Course Section

If you’re looking to request an academic course (i.e., any course found in the undergraduate or graduate course catalog such as ENC1101-14Fall_0001) please submit your request via the Faculty Webcourse Manager. The Semester Start-up Guide has instructions for using the Faculty Webcourse Manager. Special Programs Courses If you wish to request a course section for …

Semester Start-Up Guide

This Semester Start-Up Guide details the process of creating your Webcourses@UCF course section(s).