Obojobo is a learning object system designed, crafted, and maintained by the University of Central Florida. For more information, read About Obojobo.

2021: A Year of Transition Filled with Opportunities

UCF’s Obojobo has served our campus community for 15 years; the time has come for Obojobo to undergo a transition process to serve faculty and students in new and exciting ways. Thanks to the pioneering work of faculty and staff in the last two years or so, Obojobo will have enhanced capabilities enabling new instructional models to match different teaching and learning strategies. What does this transition mean to you?

  • We're updating our system's name. If you've previously used 'Obojobo', please note that it will now be known as 'Obojobo Classic'. This is the same platform you're familiar with, just with a new name.
  • Students may continue to use the learning modules built in Obojobo Classic the same way they have in the last few years.
  • Faculty may continue to use their Obojobo Classic learning modules but should ensure Flash content is removed/replaced as appropriate. Flash technology support will end on 12/31/2020 industry-wide.
  • Faculty will access the Obojobo Classic management features through our newly built simplified HTML repository. Access to the repository will be available at https://obojobo.ucf.edu/repository and will be updated soon.
  • Faculty wanting to build new learning modules should use Obojobo Next, a ground-up new system taking the best parts of Obojobo Classic but with lots of what we've learned in the past 15 years. We've been hard at work at it and would love for you to check it out! We've also created a migration guide which can help you port your existing Obojobo Classic knowledge to Obojobo Next.

Obojobo Support

For help with Obojobo (either Obojobo Classic or Obojobo Next), please contact Webcourses@UCF Support at webcourses@ucf.edu.