Instructional Design Services

Would you like to implement a lesson that was effective in a face-to-face classroom to an online setting? Have you set a learning goal for your online students, and want to brainstorm your ideas with someone who is passionate about online learning? Do you want to conduct research in your online classroom to gauge the effectiveness of strategy, and would like assistance in setting it up?

This is where Instructional Designers shine. While you are the expert in your content area, Instructional Designers are experts in the design and evaluation of online instruction.

The core functions of the Instructional Design team are to:

  • Create and maintain relationships with faculty
  • Offer guidance to faculty who teach online and/or mixed-mode courses
  • Promote quality of online instruction at UCF

The ID team continues to offer a cadre of services to faculty at UCF. These services include:

  • Professional Development Services for faculty who teach online at UCF
  • Provide pedagogical consultation services to faculty who teach online including, but not limited to, coaching and mentoring
  • Offer Quality and High Quality reviews for W, M, RA, RV, and V courses
  • Promote open educational resources and practices for faculty who teach W, RA, RV, V courses.
  • Build collaborative relationships and partnerships between faculty/departments and other CDL teams with special emphasis on pedagogy and online course quality
  • Conduct research to support the development and implementation of online instructional design strategies for colleges, regional campuses, and CDL

Connect with your Instructional Designer

If you have successfully completed IDL6543, DLI7836, Essentials of Online Teaching (with an earned Quality designation), OFRA, Teaching with Lecture Capture (TLC), or Effective Teaching with Video (ETV), then you have the benefit of being paired with an experienced Instructional Designer. If you are unsure of who this is, please use the Instructional Designer Lookup Tool.

The Instructional Designer will be happy to meet with you to update you on current CDL services, as well as offer support in your efforts to enhance the design and development of your online courses.