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CDL Graphics focuses on creating course content graphics and visuals to support online faculty in their teaching and learning. In total, CDL Graphics team members have more than thirty years of multifaceted experience with each member possessing bachelor or master degrees in the visual arts.CDL Graphics provides a variety of high quality products designed to enhance the online students’ learning experience. Course graphics include course banners, infographics, illustrations, avatars, icons, charts, and animated graphics. The level of service provided by CDL Graphics depends upon the requestor’s professional development credentials and the modality of the course, giving highest priority to those faculty who have completed IDL6543.

Timeline For Requested Graphic Design Work




Generally, a banner has a 5 business day delivery time.

Timeframe for graphics will be based on a case-by-case basis as there are a variety of graphics we do for courses. Deadlines will be discussed at the beginning of the project. Example: A custom full color illustration can take up to a month. 

Custom photography can take up to a few weeks based on our availability, the subject, the setting, weather, etc.

Note: Always think a SEMESTER ahead.

For example, contact us in the FALL semester for graphics needed in the following SPRING semester.