Course Banners from CDL Graphics

Banner Design Examples

The following are examples of course banners produced by the Center for Distributed Learning for faculty and colleges for use in Webcourses@UCF. These graphics may be used by those in the UCF community without written permission. Text information is presented only as an example and should be disregarded.

Request Custom Banners

If you would like to request a course banner, visit the Request a Course Banner webpage. Any faculty member can request a course banner.

Banner Example for Human Systems Integration in Modeling and Simulation

Banner Example for Dissertation

Banner Example for Health Law

Banner Example for Introduction to the Teaching Profession

Banner Example for Introduction to the Teaching Profession

Banner Example for Lodging Operations

Banner Example for Humanistic Traditions I

Banner Example for Spatial Sociology

Banner Example for Child Welfare Services

Banner Example for Formal Logic 1

Course Banner Search

A banner may already exist for your course. Use the Course Banner Search tool below to see previously created banners. Simply type in your course prefix (e.g. ENC) or your course prefix and number (e.g. ENC1101) in the text box and click Submit. Feel free to use one of the banners displayed by copying the associated URL below the banner and embedding the URL into your course. Review these instructions: Embedding Course Banners via URL . If you cannot find a banner suitable for your needs, please reach out to your Instructional Designer or CDL Graphics ( to request or update a course banner.


Gold Swatchgold banner


Red Swatchred banner


Wine Swatchwine banner


Blue Swatchblue banner


Navy Swatchnavy banner


Green Swatchgreen banner


Lime Swatchlime banner


Orange Swatchorange banner


Purple Swatchpurple banner


Brown Swatchbrown banner


Grey Swatchgrey banner