Webcourses@UCF Training Workshops

Webcourses@UCF training workshops are available to all faculty, staff and teaching assistants employed by UCF. If you are interested in scheduling a custom training workshop for you, your program, department or college, please contact Webcourses@ucf.edu to learn more and schedule a workshop.

One-on-One Support

If you need one-on-one technical assistance, please call Webcourses@UCF Support at (407) 823-0407 to schedule an appointment.

Explore the New Webcourses@UCF Gradebook

Webcourses@UCF is getting a New Gradebook! Beginning Summer 2019 the New Gradebook will be turned on for everyone, but you can test it out now in your online course. This face-to-face workshop, locating in the Faculty Multimedia Center (CB1-202), introduces the New Gradebook and highlights changes and new features that will be added.

Take a tour and learn how to enable the New Gradebook in one or all of your courses. This session will also briefly touch on the Syllabus tool to help faculty communicate changes to students and advertise their courses in the UCF Course List. Register to attend one of the training sessions below to learn more about the new Gradebook and UCF Syllabus policy.