Webcourses@UCF Training

Webcourses@UCF training workshops are available to all faculty, staff and teaching assistants employed by UCF. If you are interested in scheduling a custom training workshop for you, your program, department or college, please fill out our online form at https://cdl.ucf.edu/support/webcourses/contact/ to learn more.

Open Support Labs

For Spring 2023, Webcourses@UCF Support is offering technical support Open Labs the fourth Wednesday of every month. Located in the Digital Learning Center, room 217, between 10 am and 1 pm, Open Labs are bring-your-own device, so if you need access to a computer then please contact Webcourses@UCF Support ahead of time so we can provide a laptop. If these times are not convenient to your schedule, you can contact Webcourses@UCF Support for a Zoom screen-sharing session or request a one-on-one at either the DLC in Research Park or the Faculty Multimedia Center in CL1, appointment required.

One-on-One Support

If you need one-on-one technical assistance, please contact Webcourses@UCF Support at https://cdl.ucf.edu/support/webcourses/contact/ to schedule an appointment.

Getting Started with Webcourses@UCF

This introductory session walks you through the basics: adding your Syllabus, creating Pages and Modules, using Templates, and creating Assignments and Assessments to get your students started. Sessions currently by request. Please contact https://cdl.ucf.edu/support/webcourses/contact/

Introduction to New Quizzes

This self-paced course reviews the changes in the new quizzing tool and demonstrates the new question types and outline the migration timeline. Please read more and self-enroll in this short review here: https://cdl.ucf.edu/support/webcourses/guides/new-quiz-tool-migration

Getting Started with New Quizzes Workshops:

Tue 1/23, 1-2pm, Online only (Zoom)

Mon 2/13, 9 am, Face-to-Face only (FMC Training Room)

Thu 3/23, 2-3 pm, Online Only (Zoom)

Fri 4/20, 9 am, Face-to-Face only (FMC Training Room)

Online Proctoring at UCF

Faculty have requested the opportunity to review the proctoring options available at UCF and to talk them through with someone who can answer their technical questions. Whether it is for yourself, your program, department, or college, please contact us to schedule a session. The discussion usually takes one hour and includes demonstrations, and well as pro and cons of ProctorHub, Respondus Lockdown Browser, and Honorlock.


With midterm and final exams approaching, it’s important that you have the necessary tools you need to create effective online exams and that students are equipped with the knowledge for how to prepare for those exams. Honorlock has put together several helpful resources for you and your students:

Resources for Faculty

Resources for Students

For more information on exam configuration, setting up practice exams, and more visit Honorlock’s Knowledge Base.

Panopto Essentials

For self-paced training on Panopto, feel free to register for Panopto Essentials

If you prefer to take a live workshop with a Panopto administrator in place of the self-paced online course, please reach out to the FMC (fmc@ucf.edu) for more information. This one-hour workshop, if attended from start to finish, will give you the same credential as completing the online course. You are welcome to do both, but you will only need to complete one.