DLI7836: Digital Learning STEM Institute

DLI7836: Digital Learning STEM Institute is a non-credit course for faculty provided by UCF’s Center for Distributed Learning (CDL) as a part of the overall Course Redesign Initiative. DLI7836 is an alternative, but equal, credential to the IDL6543 faculty development program, with a focus on STEM disciplines to design courses for the online (W), mixed-mode (M), or reduced adaptive (RA) modalities. The course models how to teach online using a combination of active learning seminars, web-based instruction, instructional design consultations, and cohort meetings delivered in an M (mixed mode – blended) format. The time commitment for this course is substantial, in that it will require a minimum of 80 clock hours.

DLI7836 delivers a weeklong summer intensive face-to-face seminar with online instruction, as well as four cohort meetings scheduled throughout the following fall semester. During this time, participants will work with their assigned instructional designer for their course development. The purpose of this faculty development course is to help you succeed as you develop and deliver your courses for the online environment. Webcourses@UCF Training and Essentials of Webcourses@UCF are venues for comprehensive training using the Webcourses@UCF learning management system (LMS). By contrast, DLI7836 addresses broader technology skills, pedagogy, and logistics involved in teaching online at UCF.

About the DLI7836 Requirements

Participants will be required to engage in the following activities for successful completion of DLI7836:

  • Attend five half-day face-to-face sessions in the weeklong seminar that are reflective of active learning practices;
  • Complete the online instruction and activities provided in the DLI7836 course section;
  • Attend four face-to-face cohort meetings, scheduled once per month (August – November) for 2 – 3 hours that are topically focused;
  • Meet with your assigned instructional designer throughout the course development process to pursue creative ideas in the design of their course;
  • Complete a Course Completion Action Plan to detail the tasks and timelines for full course design completion; and,
  • Engage in a peer review process with your colleagues for your newly developed online course at the final cohort meeting in the fall semester.

About the DLI7836 Course Completion Action Plan

By the first cohort meeting, DLI7836 participants will complete a Course Completion Action Plan with their instructional designer detailing the tasks and timelines for full course completion. This action will assist in identifying necessary development details for your new course, and is required to receive the DLI7836 credential once all cohort meetings have been concluded.

About the CRI Course Summative Review

Every course designed or redesigned during the Course Redesign Initiative (CRI), including those developed in DLI7836, will undergo a Course Summative Review process with the instructional designer to ensure all required elements of the course design/redesign are fulfilled. This review process will occur in accordance with the Course Completion Action Plan timeline.

Interested in Teaching Online in STEM?

Start by talking with colleagues already teaching online to gather their perspectives and suggestions. Next, discuss your interest with the chair of your program. If you and your department chair agree, they will place you on the DLI7836 potential participant list for your college. Each college communicates its online priorities, within the scope of the Course Redesign Initiative, to the Pegasus Innovation Lab in the Center for Distributed Learning. CDL’s administrators will start the initial communication when you are scheduled to participate in the Institute. From there, CDL’s instructional designers will take over and guide you through the process of developing your online course. Your college will determine whether or not you will receive funding or course release time to participate in DLI7836. Remember, you are required to successfully complete DLI7836: DL STEM Institute or IDL6543 to design and deliver courses in the online environment using the W, M, or RA mode of delivery.

If you would like to participate in the DLI7836: DL STEM Institute – currently only offered in summer – please start the conversation with your department chair.

DLI7836 Schedule

Monday, June 24Day 1Face-to-face
Partnership 2 Room 208 in Research Park
Seminar: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Tuesday, June 25Day 2Face-to-face
Partnership 2 Room 208 in Research Park
Seminar: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Wednesday, June 26Day 3Face-to-face
Partnership 2 Room 208 in Research Park
Seminar: 9:00 AM – Noon
Optional Open Technology Lab: 1:00 – 3:00 PM
Thursday, June 27Day 4Face-to-face
Partnership 2 Room 208 in Research Park
Seminar: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Friday, June 28Day 5Face-to-face
Partnership 2 Room 208 in Research Park
Seminar: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM