Creating a Video Textbook: Things We Could Never Do in Class

In today’s virtual classroom, we have almost unlimited potential to do things we could never do in a conventional class. We don’t have to content ourselves with just assigning a textbook to be read. Gone are the days when we must do our best to present university-level lectures in a face-to-face setting, notwithstanding rampant absenteeism, and knowing that a good proportion of those decorating the chairs are, to say the least, “disengaged.” The technology at our disposal is as amazing as it is available. We can create our own “video textbooks” fully online and available to our students to watch, re-watch, pause at will, and take their own notes.

As online educators, we can start with simple camera videos or graduate to our well-equipped television production facility (with green screen, teleprompter, and wonderful editing staff). We can make our online classes come alive, by telling a story, by creating a personal narrative, or by putting a “what if?” spin on higher-level thinking. With the right tools, we can go “where no online educators have gone before”!

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