Student Engagement

Webcourses@UCF Personalized Learning allows you to check students’ overall progress, engagement, and mastery in the course. Information regarding the section’s overall progress and mastery is displayed for each student. This information is displayed in a graphical form and list.

Why would I check student engagement?

If students would like confirmation they participated in an activity, have technical issues, or other matters related to their involvement in the course, the instructor can get more information in the Students tab and in the Engagement tab.

To view this information, take the following steps:

  1. Access Webcourses@UCF Personalized Learning and click the Students tab on the instructor dashboard. You will see a list of all your students.
    Realizeit Student Tab Kirk, James
  2. Click on a student’s name.
    Realizeit Student Select Kirk, James
    Here, you will see an overview of the student’s progress in all the course modules under the State tab by default.
    STATE tab highlighted for James Kirk
  3. To see information specific to one module, click the Engagement tab.
    ENGAGEMENT tab highlighted for James Kirk
  4. On the Engagement page, scroll down to Details and select a module from the drop-down list. Here, you will see details of how much time a student spent on each activity in the module.
    Details Module selection for student
    1. State – This tab provides information on the student’s ability against each
      1. Objective, competencies (if applicable) and assessments (if applicable): progress,
      2. Mastery and time spent.
      3. If the course contains summative test/checkpoints there will be data for the student regarding time allowed, score, attempts and instances.
        STATE tab highlighted for James Kirk
    2. Engagement – The Engagement tab is split into two:
      1. Summary section
      2. Details section. This summarizes engagement level in the following areas:
        1. Learning
        2. Interactions and Interventions
        3. Submissions, status, questions, grading rubrics, status and the activities history.
          ENGAGEMENT tab highlighted for James Kirk