Q4 2023 Roadmap Objectives

Canvas Roadmap Timeline for progress reports on the specific areas noted below:

Customize status labels for better control and consistency across courses.

Instructors now have more meaningful data in Item Analysis report to identify invalid questions.

Temporary Enrollment Pairing: quickly schedule enrollment and removal of a user into all or some of another users courses.

New functionality in Discussions Redesign gives users flexible viewing options for discussion threads.

Users will be able to create recurring events in the calendar, saving time and optimizing scheduling for educators, students, and admins.

LTI 1.3 tools will support Dynamic Registration with a simple copy and paste, enabling customers to improve data flows between Canvas and other LTI applications during tool configuration.

Offline support allows users to access the app and use its core functions at any time, regardless of their internet connection.

Optimized workflow using Canvas course copy and blueprint features to automatically transfer credentials (badges and pathways) to multiple courses across different semesters and synchronize them across related courses.

Issuers and administrators can easily archive irrelevant, expired, or obsolete badges in Canvas Credentials.

Catalog admins will be able to provide other admins and sub-catalog admins with access to add, edit or remove tags of listings.

Admins can associate a single listing with more than one catalog in Catalog.

All Catalog data will be accessible from CD2 (Canvas Data 2).

Customers can preview and test new Admin Analytics features in their beta environment.

All Canvas + Impact users have an improved user experience consisting of fewer steps and a more streamlined workflow with Impact inside of Canvas.

Users have an updated user interface and streamlined experience across Impact and other Instructure products.

Third-party accessibility audit to validate WCAG 2.1 AA compliance and accessibility improvements over this past year.

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