Templater Tool

What is the Templater Tool?

The Templater tool makes it easy to add common template content to any Webcourses@UCF course page. The content can then be modified to meet the needs of the course. The templates are a great place to start when creating new content for any course.

The available templates are:

  • Syllabus
  • Front Page
  • Course Orientation
  • Course Expectations
  • Module Page
  • Module Introduction
  • Module Summary
  • Course Schedule M
  • Course Schedule W

Use the Templater Tool

  1. Create a new page or open an existing page in your course.
  2. Click the Edit button to edit an existing page.

Need Technical Assistance with an Integration?

Webcourses@UCF Support is here to help. Contact our talented support team if you have any issues implementing and/or using any of our custom Webcourses@UCF integrations.