What is Materia?

Materia is designed to supplement traditional web courses with a form of interactive media that we call widgets. The beauty is in the convenience: it is a platform that allows us to host a variety of widgets, track usage, and report on your students’ progress. In the end, our goal is to enhance the way online learning is delivered by providing a tool that puts instructors and students at the helm of education.

Why use Materia?

  • Engage more students using proven game play mechanics.
  • Diversify your course content.
  • Create interactive practice assignments.

How do I use Materia?

  1. Run through our Materia Quick Start Guide
  2. Check out each widget guide in the Materia Catalog.
  3. Add Materia to your Webcourses@UCF online course section.
  4. Get technical help from Webcourses@UCF Support or your instructional designer.