Emerging from the “TOPcast Live” session at OLC Accelerate 2023, join hosts Kelvin and Tom as they discuss how the framing and implementation of our increasingly AI-influenced digital learning field might continue to evolve over the next few years.

About Episode 142: Guest Dr. Kathy Gosser joins hosts Tom and Kelvin to discuss how faculty, instructional designers, and others can adopt habits of “repurposing” across the multifaceted work of online education and digital learning. Podcast Recording Download Transcript: PDF Episode 142 Show Notes: Episode Synopsis via Twitter View complete list of episode highlights via Twitter …

Guest Dr. Dylan Barth joins hosts Tom and Kelvin to discuss the benefits of “self-care” and wellbeing to our students, our organizations, and to ourselves as online education professionals. The impact of decisions now on long-term sustainability is a theme.

Guest Dr. Nicole Johnson joins hosts Tom and Kelvin to discuss research on course modality definitions in Canada and the US and why clarity about course modalities is important for advancing the field of digital teaching and learning.