Hosts Tom and Kelvin discuss themes found in the recent CHLOE 6 report on how higher ed’s remote instruction pandemic response has impacted the landscape of online education. Listeners are encouraged to compare the presented themes with their own observations in order to better understand our field and prepare for the future.

In this episode, guest Cheryl Costantini from Cengage joins hosts Tom and Kelvin to speak about the importance of providing students with affordable access to digital course materials. This has proven especially critical during the COVID-19 era.

Tom and Kelvin talk through giving voice to and gathering data from all faculty and student constituents to evaluate effectiveness of remote instruction. This episode is the fourth in a mini-series of monthly “field reports” offering collegial advice in getting through the current era of “remote teaching” necessitated by COVID-19.

Seminar Date: November 4, 2015 at 1:00 pmAbstractOnline discussions are extensively used in online and mixed-mode courses. However, a common concern is that students will minimally participate in order to fulfill the grading requirements, and not truly engage with the content, instructor, or peers. In this session, we will share strategies to create and sustain online …