Episode 36: Finding Online Learning Leaders: “Fredericksen’s List”

About Episode 36:

What do we know about online learning leaders? Hosts Kelvin and Tom are joined by Dr. Eric Fredericksen who is now the “keeper of the list” of 1500+ disparate online learning leaders of US higher education institutions after conducting two recent research studies into their roles, preparation, and priorities.

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Mary Gozza-Cohen

What advice do you have for individuals starting out in these newly-formed online leadership positions?

Kelvin Thompson

Hi Mary!
Apologies for the delayed response. I’ll offer two quick pieces of advice and will hope that others might offer theirs as well.

First, taking a cue from Sir Ken Robinson, I would suggest “find your tribe.” That is, build your network of those in related roles and make time to connect with them. There’s great power in that.

Second, you might wish to watch the recording of the conversation linked below between Dr. Eric Fredericksen, Dr. Peter Shea, and myself about “developing online learning leaders.” They have some thoughts as well:

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