Emerging from the “TOPcast Live” session at OLC Accelerate 2023, join hosts Kelvin and Tom as they discuss how the framing and implementation of our increasingly AI-influenced digital learning field might continue to evolve over the next few years.

At year’s end, hosts Kelvin and Tom are joined by an interactive group of past guests and regular listeners to identify some lessons learned from 2021 as we plan for the new year ahead. See how your perspectives relate to theirs.This is a great episode to share with a colleague and discuss together!

Join hosts Kelvin and Tom for a consideration of the range of options for post-pandemic work being considered across higher education. As online education professionals, if we can’t figure out how to do this well, who can?

Martha Hubertz, Ph.D., Lecturer, Psychology Department, College of Sciences, was awarded the 2020 Chuck D. Dziuban Award for Excellence in Online Teaching by the Center for Distributed Learning (CDL) and the 2020 Dziuban Award Faculty Review Committee. Dr. Hubertz received this award for demonstrating excellence in online teaching in her course, SOP3004 Social Psychology.

About Episode 53: Returning guest Dr. Liz Ciabocchi joins hosts Kelvin and Tom to consider the current state of diversity and inclusivity within the ranks of online learning leaders. While a sobering conversation to be sure, this episode is filled with data and optimism. This episode was recorded in front of a live audience at …

In the fifth season kick-off, hosts Kelvin Thompson and Thomas Cavanagh reflect on what makes them crazy about the field of online education and what online practitioners might do to remedy the situation. This is a great episode to share and discuss with colleagues inside and outside the field.

About Episode 48: Access to education is not equal across all demographics. What might we do about that? In this episode, rockstar scholar Dr. Chuck Dziuban joins hosts Tom and Kelvin to discuss equity and the affordances of digital learning. Podcast Recording Download Transcript: [PDF] Episode 48 Show Notes: Episode Synopsis via Twitter View complete …