In this episode, join Kelvin and Tom for a discussion of how “blended” is likely to permeate higher education institutions far beyond the bounds of blended learning course design. Ponder the opportunities afforded by blended campus workplaces and blended co-curricular experiences in the post-COVID era.

Martha Hubertz, Ph.D., Lecturer, Psychology Department, College of Sciences, was awarded the 2020 Chuck D. Dziuban Award for Excellence in Online Teaching by the Center for Distributed Learning (CDL) and the 2020 Dziuban Award Faculty Review Committee. Dr. Hubertz received this award for demonstrating excellence in online teaching in her course, SOP3004 Social Psychology.

The Center for Distributed Learning (CDL) has awarded the 2018 Chuck D. Dziuban Award for Excellence in Online Teaching to Matt Dombrowski, from the School of Visual Arts and Design. The award presentation occurred during the Showcase event that concluded the fall session of CDL’s faculty development program for online and blended teaching, IDL6543.

With our increasingly diverse population of students, creating a more inclusive learning environment can be challenging, especially in online courses. However, inclusivity is an important element for any successful learning environment in any modality. In this session, participants will learn about ways in which they can facilitate a cross-cultural and inclusive online environment for their students. The presenters will cover strategies, best practices, and online course tools which we can be used to help establish and maintain inclusion. Additionally, a UCF professor will share her experience and course examples.

Whether you are looking to save your students money on high-priced course materials or leverage learning content that offers you the freedom to customize the learning experience for your highly-diverse student demographic, open educational resources (OER) can help you to achieve your goals. In this session, participants will learn about the richness of openly-licensed educational materials, where to find them, and potential use cases for implementation in their courses. Additionally, a UCF professor will share his story about his journey to OER and how his idea began a chain of events that turned his static text to life for his students.

Presentation Abstract Join Dr. Scott Freeman, principal lecturer in the Department of Biology at the University of Washington, as he presents a high-level overview of the role of active learning in STEM disciplines and implications for technology-mediated course redesign (i.e., blended, adaptive, or online). Show Notes Dr. Scott Freeman’s meta-analysis (referenced in the video): Active …

The online classroom environment can sometimes cause students to feel isolated, both socially and cognitively. Digital storytelling creates a framework that can bring the online classroom to life, energizing social-cognitive dynamisms, and promoting a more authentic sense of community in the virtual teaching and learning space.