Storytelling, Amplifying the Human Connection in Online Learning


The online classroom environment can sometimes cause students to feel isolated, both socially and cognitively. Digital storytelling creates a framework that can bring the online classroom to life, energizing social-cognitive dynamisms, and promoting a more authentic sense of community in the virtual teaching and learning space.

During this seminar, presenters will describe how storytelling in online learning facilitates a welcoming space, provides a structured springboard for personal agency empowering students’ thinking and creative expression, and personalizes those expressions to bridge connections that catalyze deep meaningful associations. The plot will thicken when an online teaching faculty member shares anecdotes of digital storytelling, which showcases learners’ coursework as a conduit for authentic opportunities for connections.


Susan Jardaneh, MFA

Susan Jardaneh, MFAAssociate Lecturer of Creative Writing
College of Humanities
University of Central Florida

Susan Jardaneh is an Associate Lecturer in the English Department in the College of Humanities.  Over the years, Susan has used various creative projects in her classes, especially the use of digital stories and e-Portfolios. Susan has also developed online courses for UCF’s Interdisciplinary Studies’ program that focused on research, experiential learning, and multimedia technologies. Susan served as a Faculty Fellow for the Center for Teaching and Learning (2017) where her focus was on the use of storytelling as a learning tool.

Ashley Salter M.A.

Ashley Salter M.A.Instructional Designer
Center for Distributed Learning
University of Central Florida

Ashley Salter is an Instructional Designer with the Center for Distributed Learning. She facilitates faculty with the design, development, and delivery of online and mixed-mode courses. Her research interests include professional development for teaching online, application of emerging technologies, like digital storytelling, and the use of open educational resource (OER) materials.

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Storytelling Resources:

Technology Resources:

  • Adobe Spark is a free tool for digital storytelling and ePortfolios. The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL) offer occasional Adobe Spark trainings.
  • mind map is a free third-party application for graphically representing ideas and concepts.
  • Creately is a free third-party application to make diagramming easy with thousands of templates and examples to create flowcharts, mind maps, Venn diagrams, inforgraphics, Gantt charts and more.
  • iMovie for iOS and macOS. Enjoy creating and editing videos.
  • Pixton Comic Maker gives students a way to express themselves by creating graphical comics. Found in Webcourses@UCF in “Settings” under the “Apps” tab.
  • Storify 2 by livefyre is a free application that provides the tools to create and choreograph social media elements into stories and narratives, allows for collaboration and provides engagement features.
  • Toontastic for digital storytelling on your tablet, phone, or Chromebook. Draw, animate, and narrate using 3D cartoons.
  • Vimeo is a video sharing site that allowing users to create their own videos and share with others.
  • Windows Movie Maker is a free application for creating and editing videos for Apple and Windows users.

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