Reports continue of individuals leaving the field of online higher education as part of the Great Resignation (or Reshuffling). In this episode, hosts Kelvin and Tom discuss how to make our online learning teams positive environments where people find purpose and pursue vision as we carry out this meaningful work.

Join hosts Kelvin and Tom for a consideration of the range of options for post-pandemic work being considered across higher education. As online education professionals, if we can’t figure out how to do this well, who can?

Guest Dr. Luke Dowden joins hosts Kelvin and Tom to remind us all that people are the most valuable part of any online learning organization. He helps us identify how to add value to our team members, our organizations, and our collective work through deliberate caring. These other-centered practices are valuable every day but are especially relevant in the COVID-era.

In this episode, special guest Dr. Richard Zraick joins Tom and Kelvin to discuss how teaching faculty can care for their voices despite inordinate vocal use online and f2f during the COVID-19 era. Great episode for sharing with teaching faculty colleagues who aren’t regular listeners!

About Episode 22: Kelvin and Tom are joined by guests Ke’Anna Skipwith and Lamont Eddins from EDUCAUSE’s Diversity in IT Constituent Group to discuss diversity and inclusivity within online education, specifically among students, faculty, and instructional designers. Download Transcript [PDF, RTF] Episode 22 Show Notes: Episode Synopsis via Twitter View complete list of episode highlights …