While specialists in online education, such as instructional designers and administrative leaders, help carry out online courses and programs strategically, it is the faculty whose voice, wisdom, and human connections make online learning successful. In this episode, hosts Kelvin and Tom discuss the importance of this faculty voice and valuing.

In this episode, special guest Dr. Richard Zraick joins Tom and Kelvin to discuss how teaching faculty can care for their voices despite inordinate vocal use online and f2f during the COVID-19 era. Great episode for sharing with teaching faculty colleagues who aren’t regular listeners!

In this episode, hosts Tom and Kelvin are joined by Angela Gunder and Jessica Knott to consider the powerful humanizing and empathy-building roles storytelling can play in online education. Tools and frameworks for incorporating story in courses, mentoring, and professional development are discussed.

About Episode 29: Blended learning is still around and going strong! Tom and Kelvin are joined by blended learning expert Dr. Norm Vaughan as they consider, from a faculty perspective, how to partner for better-designed blended learning. Download Transcript [PDF, RTF] Episode 29 Show Notes: Episode Synopsis via Twitter View complete list of episode highlights …