Providing evidence of quality assurance efforts for online education goes a long way toward addressing the concerns of stakeholders, novices, and naysayers. In this episode, Dr. Deb Miller joins hosts Kelvin and Tom to share the details of one state’s system-wide approach to better conveying evidence of online quality.

In the fifth season kick-off, hosts Kelvin Thompson and Thomas Cavanagh reflect on what makes them crazy about the field of online education and what online practitioners might do to remedy the situation. This is a great episode to share and discuss with colleagues inside and outside the field.

Conventional wisdom has it that small is good, but is this true? Can institutions of higher education be both big and good? In this episode, hosts Tom and Kelvin revisit the “iron triangle” construct as they explore the tensions inherent in pursuing both scale and quality.

Providing a course overview, offering accessible and relevant content, encouraging meaningful interaction, and challenging students to think critically are all elements that contribute to a quality online learning experience. However, designing for quality may feel like a moving target and thus an elusive goal to achieve. To address this, the Instructional Design team at UCF has created a Quality and High Quality online course review process based on our own practices as well as nationally recognized standards. Session presenters will showcase select items included in the Quality and High Quality course review process and describe beneficial outcomes from a faculty member’s perspective. A key resource will be the Quality and High Quality items which participants can use to meet their unique needs.

About Episode 16: How do we see to it that the design and teaching of online courses are of the highest quality possible? In this episode join hosts Kelvin Thompson and Thomas Cavanagh as they dig deeper into the practicalities of ensuring high quality online courses. Download Transcript [PDF, RTF] Episode 16 Show Notes: Please …

Perceptions of quality (high and low) are a perennial problem in online education. What is quality? Who decides? What if others disagree? Should majority rule? What about expert knowledge? Join Tom and Kelvin in wrestling with these questions and more in this on-location episode.

About Episode 10: Cost, quality, and access are touted again and again as constraints to be overcome in higher education. Join hosts Kelvin Thompson and Thomas Cavanagh for this episode’s introduction of  “the iron triangle” as an opportunity for online educators to innovate. First episode in an occasional mini-series. Download Transcript [PDF, RTF] Episode 10 …

Whether you have been teaching online for years or are just getting started, “online course quality” is an elusive goal to achieve. For instance, what are the components of a high quality course? How does course design contribute to overall course quality? What role does the teaching practice of the online instructor play in course quality? Can the characteristics of the students impact the quality of the course? Are large classes and small classes of equivalent quality? Access this brief, informative session for access to an array of tools, resources, and information to aid you in the quest for quality in online teaching. A featured resource is the debut of UCF’s Online Course Quick Check as a tool for quick self-assessment or collegial feedback.