Strategies to Encourage Academic Integrity in Online Exams

Seminar Date: March 18, 2015 at 1:00pm


Online exams are popular in college courses, offering a time-efficient and flexible way of assessing student learning. Students often prefer them because of the convenience factor, while instructors like that they do not expend valuable face-to-face class time. However, the concern about students cheating on online exams is pervasive throughout higher education. Instructors often worry that it is difficult for students to remain academically honest under such conditions. In this session, resources and strategies to encourage academic honesty in the online exam environment such as considerations for test construction and exam settings will be shared. Specifically, we will showcase an instructor’s use of ProctorHub, UCF’s newest online proctoring tool, which is designed to mitigate these concerns.


Beth Nettles Ph.D.

BethNettles-webInstructional Development Specialist
Center for Distributed Learning
University of Central Florida

Dr. Beth Nettles is a Web Project Manager for the UCF Center for Distributed Learning and an Adjunct Instructor for the College of Engineering and Computer Science. Dr. Nettles has over fifteen years of experience teaching programming, software applications, and web technologies in post-secondary education. As an Instructional Developer, she has created a number of professional development resources designed specifically for faculty teaching online courses.

Debbie Kirkley M.A.

DebbieKirkley-webInstructional Designer
Center for Distributed Learning
University of Central Florida

Debbie L. Kirkley is an Instructional Designer for the UCF Center for Distributed Learning. She has over 15 years of experience in assisting faculty in the design, development, and delivery of online courses while specializing in the research of emerging technologies. Debbie has also taught online as an adjunct professor with the College of Education. She is currently working on a pilot program for adaptive personalized learning.

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