Episode 127: Community Wisdom: Students, Hybridity, and More!

About Episode 127:

In this “call-in show” episode, hosts Tom and Kelvin are joined by multiple voices from the online education community to distill wisdom in making sense of 2022 and preparing to make the most of 2023 in our collective work. Themes include centering on student needs and supporting increased hybridity.

Podcast Recording

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From left to right: Dr. Thomas Cavanagh, Dr. Kelvin Thompson, Luis Alvarado and Joseph Riquelme
From left to right: Dr. Jason Johnston, Dr. Liz Ciabocchi, Dr. Kelvin Thompson and Dr. Mary Niemiec.

Episode 127 Show Notes:

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Dr. Nicole Johnson

Dr. Stephen C. Ehrmann

Dr. Susan Wegmann

Katrina Wehr

Dr. Thomas J. Tobin

Dr. Bonni Stachowiak

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