Episode 16: Operationalizing Online Course Quality

About Episode 16:

How do we see to it that the design and teaching of online courses are of the highest quality possible? In this episode join hosts Kelvin Thompson and Thomas Cavanagh as they dig deeper into the practicalities of ensuring high quality online courses.

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2 Comments on "Episode 16: Operationalizing Online Course Quality"

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Timothy McKean
Thanks for the great discussion guys. I could ideas came up while listening to this episode. I think more could be explored in the area of the distinction between quality course design and quality teaching. I think the online environment really throws more contrast to that issue than traditional classroom teaching. I would like to know more about the design process at UCF and maybe an episode on the role of instructional designers and how they typically interact with faculty. Certainly the interaction between instructional designers at the Higher Ed level is very different than the interaction of instructional designers… Read more »
Kelvin Thompson

Thanks for your thoughtful response to episode 16, Tim! 🙂 Yes, the relationship between design and teaching is worth exploring in much greater depth than the focus of this episode allowed.

You’ve listed several helpful possible topics for future episodes. We’ll certainly keep those in mind!

Keep listening/thinking/sharing!