Effective Online Assessment: Scalable Success Strategies

Seminar Date: January 27, 2011 at 2:00pm


In the face of larger numbers of students in online courses and the challenge of designing effective assessments in an online environment, the need is greater than ever to implement scalable strategies that mitigate academic integrity issues. In this recorded session, presenters will review a variety of assessment techniques applicable to many disciplines.


Bobby H. Hoffman, Ph.D.

Bobby H. Hoffman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Educational Psychology

School of Teaching Learning & Leadership
University of Central Florida

Dr. Hoffman routinely teaches online classes of 100+ students. He teaches test item construction along with other educational assessment techniques.

Denise Lowe, Ed.D.

Denise Lowe, Ed.D.

Instructional Designer
Center for Distributed Learning
University of Central Florida

Dr. Lowe has taught humanities and communication courses online for the past eight years. She uses a variety of approaches to create effective assessments to authenticate student learning.

Session Recordings and Supporting Materials


Full Adobe Connect recording [32 minutes; swf file]

(includes interactions between online participants as well as slides and synchronized audio; due to some audio issues, please maximize volume in Connect and then adjust computer’s volume as necessary)

Streamed Podcast Session:

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