Request a Special Programs Course

If you wish to request a course section for a non-academic course (i.e., any course not for academic credit) please complete the Webcourses@UCF Course Section request form. Upon receipt of this request, someone from Instructional Development (iDev) will contact you if additional information is need.

Requesting Development Courses

You may also use the Webcourses@UCF Course Section request form to request a development section for academic courses that are going to be offered in the near future, but are not currently on the course schedule. Development courses are sections that are not visible to students even when published.

Requesting Academic Courses

If you’re looking to request an academic course (i.e., any course found in the undergraduate or graduate course catalog such as ENC1101-14Fall_0001) please submit your request via the Faculty Webcourse Manager. The Semester Checklist has instructions for using the Faculty Webcourse Manager.